Puffs Plus Tissues with Vicks

Puffs Plus Tissues with Vicks

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I love the way this tissue smells and opens up my nasal passages! It's soft too! It is the only type of kleenex that I will purchase when I am sick. I LOVE it!!!

I love these tissues when I am sick. They do not rub your nose raw and give you that menthol smell. I love it. Will continue to buy these no matter how much they cost!

I am thankful for these when the cold weather is here, as my nose gets sore easily. With Puffs Tissues with Vicks, it does not stay that way long. They also help me breathe better.

Love these tissues I keep stocked up especially with the cold and flu season upon us

Love these tissues! I love the cooling sensation the have especially when you have a bad cold.

These are definitely the stuffy, sore nose tissue - they sooth, they expand sinuses and help drain, and they absorb all the ick. My only complaint is that they're not always available at my local Walmart, likely because people buy them up during cold season!

The only tissue I use when I have a cold. You will too if you have a cold because blowing your nose into a regular tissue is nose torture.... Highly recommend this product. Best nose blowing relief invention ever!!

Puff is the best and the only tissue product that is allowed in my house. I will totally recommend to all my friends and families


I LOVE PUFFS!!!! Softest, most gentle tissues out there! They are my absolute FAVORITE!

We love puffs plus...I wouldnt put anything else against my childs skin!

Love these! When you have a cold for a long time and after continuously blowing your nose - it can make your nose super dry and irritated. However, when you use the Puffs Plus Tissues with Vicks, it helps keep your nose clear and prevents you from getting that nasty irritated nose that everyone hates!

These smell so good. Oh my goodness. and work well. I love these tissues

By far my favorite tissue brand

This is the ONLY tissue brand I will use when suffering from a cold or allergies. Super soft tissue is very important for delicate areas like your nose or even around your eyes.