Puffs Plus Tissues with Vicks

Puffs Plus Tissues with Vicks

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I love the way this tissue smells and opens up my nasal passages! It's soft too! It is the only type of kleenex that I will purchase when I am sick. I LOVE it!!!

These are my favorite tissues to go for any and every time I get sick. I often get sinus infections due to tumors in my nose and these are the best thing I've used!

When you were little and you would become sick, did you ever have Vick's gel rubbed on your chest & neck before you slept? When you open this box of Puff's Plus with Vicks, the scent will bring those memories to your mind. The scent is light and not overwhelming. You expect a certain comfort level from the Puff's Plus with Vicks brand and they have achieved it in a package and product design that delivers. The tissue itself is soft and comfortable. From the moment you touch it, you know it won't irritate your nose or leave it red, dry and irritated. I recommend this product to anyone - old and young. It is the only facial tissue we use for cold season!

I hate using toilet paper these are amazing to your nose!

Vicks will fix anything first off! I love Vicks with a passion! This product is ingenious! Must have

This is a must have at our home. And doesn't hurt our noses after we use. So soft.

these are the only tissues i will use. I love them so much. and the vicks already mixed in makes it better!

A total life saver. When I couldn't stand using toilet paper to blow my nose I went to this and never regretted it. Loved it!!

This is your best friend when you are sick. I know when I'm sick I want this tissue box right by my side to keep me comfortable.. The Vick smell helps so much with my stuffy nose. Honestly it actually makes me breath better when my nose is stuffed.. what a great combination! It really does help!

Love this product! The preschool plague ran rampant through our house and this product kept our noses nice and soft!

Best tissues in the world. I have a stash of them for the flu/cold season!

Amazing for the terrible cold season. Clears up your stuffed nose without leaving it chapped!

My favorite, must-have product to have in the house anytime anyone is sick.

I love using vicks during the winter, so having the smell on tissues really appeals to me. Even my kids enjoy using these soft tissues when they have a cold or their allergies start kicking up. Love 'em!

These are the best tissues on the market! I LIVE off of Vicks during the cool/cold weather seasons and having tissues that have vicks already in them is just awesome! The smell of them as soon as you use them opens the nasal passages almost instantly. not too overpowering but just strong enough to get the job done when you are all stuffy(and runny at the same time).