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  • Awall22 By  Awall22    

    It's an ok water.My 2nd choice if needed.It has a pure taste to it without all of the additives that some waters have so that is a plus.

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  • theshoelesswanderer By  theshoelesswanderer    

    I still don't understand why people pay money for bottled water. Way cheaper to go buy a filter and a reusable water bottle...not to mention better for the environment. As far as bottled water it's good, but...still, I wouldn't spend money on it.

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  • singincherry By  singincherry    

    Hands down best water. Its the only bottled water I drink.

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  • kimm1310 By  kimm1310    

    The only bottled water that I LOVE... Other waters seem to have a "flavor" to them that I don't like... I'm actually thinking about getting a water cooler for the house so I don't have to buy it by the case.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    This is our go to water - don't think it tastes any better than any other water, but it's less expensive than the European brands, available in every size imaginable, and it's sold at Costco.

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