Perugina Milk Chocolate

Perugina Milk Chocolate

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I am typically a chocolate snob, so I do know great chocolate when I taste it This is GREAT chocolate! It's smooth, creamy and a true chocolate lovers treat.

Don't usually eat milk chocolate , but every night I would have one piece of this, and it was sooo good. Very creamy, I would buy it.

Yum! Husband and I both liked this one and would buy it again!

I love European chocolate so this was a treat for me, it has a smooth and creamy texture, and if your not careful you will eat it all in one sitting!

Not a fan of milk chocolate. It tasted average to me, about in the same league as Hershey.

Tasty but nothing to write home about.

Good but not great.

This chocolate was delicious. It was very creamy and smooth. I opened the bar and took one piece, promising myself I would not eat it all at once. I kept coming back to it, eating "one more square" until it was gone. It was addicting. I'm glad my husband and kids never discovered it on the counter.

Love the packaging and how the box opens. Chocolate is smooth and delicious!

We love Euro chocolate in my family, and the Perugina Milk Chocolate did not disappoint. I shared with my hubby and daughter, and they loved it as well! It is rich, creamy and so velvetty as it melts in my mouth.. yum yum yum! You can taste the cacao. When I first opened December's Cravebox and saw the large chocolate bar, I thought about putting it in my daughter's stocking. But I could not wait, and opened and shared the chocolate right away.

This stuff is just great. The milk chocolate was a little rich and very sweet, but that just slowed down my consumption...a good thing!

My 15 year old daughter and 12 yearold son and I shared this chocolate while enjoying a movie together. We all loved it. Very creamy and rich...with a natural feeling texture and a good flavor. Doesn't feel or taste processed. Decadent and yummy.

OH My Gosh!!! This chocoalte is soo good!!! I loved it. I didn't eat it right away after getting it, as I am very much into delayed gratification, but once that bar was opened it didn't stand a chance. It was shiny and broke with a nice snap. The chocolate was creamy and melted in your mouth, there was nothing waxy or fake tasting about it. You could totally tell it was a quality bar of candy. It was sweet, but not overly sweet. I want another one!!!

I received this MIlk Chocolate flavor in the December Cravebox. I would normally prefer the dark chocolate with almonds, but truthfully, receiving this flavor let me experience how truly smooth and silky this chocolate is. It feels decadent in the mouth. I really enjoyed it and would purchase this in the future.

Unforunately ate it all in one sitting! Delicious chocolate!