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Celebrity Scoop I enjoy People magazine, and the peek into celebrity lives. The make-up, fragrance, and cosmetic recommendations by celebrity women, and the styles they like is also very interesting. The red carpet coverage is also nice to see. Extremely entertaining and a joy to relax with and read.

I have subscribed to People for several years. I enjoy reading most of the stories. The magazine gets big stories in pretty quickly. It is 1 of many magazines I read.

Nice magazine but customer service is lacking My husband got two subscriptions of People last year. One for his Mom and one for himself. Sadly she died from complications due to a motor vehicle accident. He just let her subscription run out. They sent a bill for renewal and I wrote that she was deceased and sent it back. They continued to send reminders. I just shred them now. If I want a copy, I'll get it at checkout at my local store. I don't recommend being a subscriber.

Best magazine This is by far my favorite magazine. I love that you can read about celebrities' but its just little soundbites that they gave, it isn't made up stories like the gossip magazines. I also love how they have true stories and good for the heart stories that are uplifting.

I have subscribed to this magazine for years. I enjoy reading the latest ?gossip?. I don't always believe everything that's written. I do enjoy completing the puzzle

Honest news I love this magazine people magazine is my favorite magazine when it comes to learning about celebrities and hot new updates. I also love this magazine people en Español too .

Fun gossip magazine I think this a fun gossip magazine to read. There is also a lot of content in each issue. I like that the include stories of everyday people and wish they included more of these and focused a little less on the celeb gossip.

Great magazine Love this magazine! Love gossip! Trusted gossip magazine along with many other type of articles and beauty , fashion and so forth!

I don't like reading about everyone who's famous, I'd love to read about real people doing real things! I wish that we would stop making these people rich and start supporting people who care for humanity, and we could have an Oscars for people who make a difference, not a movie. I love movies and actors are beautiful, but I care about real issues.

What's not to love! They are a trusted source since they verify their stories, not just gossip. They have fab pictures and really good articles. I enjoy the music, television, movies and book reviews too. They have subscriber only contests that are awesome.

Great way to catch up on Hollywood gossip!

Great celebrity news! It is pretty pricey but if you get a subscription deal then its worth the money for the entertainment!

I've had a subscription for years. LOVE it!

I always go to this magazine to confirm if a rumor is true because if it's in People then it's confirmed!

I adore this magazine from cover to cover. It has so much celebrity information, crossword puzzle, everyday people interest stories, and most likely to be factual than other celebrity magazines. I think the price needs to quit going up.