PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer

PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer

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YUCK My dog hated this. It was absolute torture for him. A good sharp nail clipper was the best bet.

No In theory this is great; however, in real life, it sucks. Cats are terrified of it. I have no idea if it works. I cannot get a cat close enough to try it.

My dogs and cats completely freak out. Product takes to long, way to loud. after first time my animals run and hide except for one who tried to bury it ion backyard.

My dogs and cats completely freak out. Product takes to long, way to loud. after first time my animals run and hide except for one who tried to bury it ion backyard.

Worked okay, obviously my cat didn't like it but she didn't like the clippers either so. nice for shaping the nail.

Not helpful I tried using this on my car and dog and neither of them were having any part of it.

It's great for shaping! I use this after I cut my great danes claws with clippers. I use it to shape the nail into a rounded shape so it no longer has the sharp edges after cutting them. However i did give it only 3 stars because it would take forever to actually cut down the claw before the pet desides, Ok mom I'm done lol.

Life saver. No more guessing where the quick is in my dogs black claws. Have to slowly get them used to the sound but then it's the perfect product for dog owners. No bleeding, no sharp nails. Awesome

My dogs hated this. It's to loud. It also took to long to trim one nail. I couldn't get any of mine to sit long enough.

I thought this would be great. I'm not impressed with #1 how loud this is, my dogs quickly learned what was coming. #2 how long it takes to file down 1 nail. #3 the nails were left jagged. #4 because it takes so long to use you go through a lot of batteries. I went back to my clippers.

Brilliant idea. Not made for durability though. Tried this twice now, one a medium dog it lasted one month. On our larger breed, lasted one time. The second time it smoked then jammed. Small pieces cracked and now we have went more high tech. Hardware store has better, safer sanders for pets piggies.

Tried it on my cat's nails and she was terrified. The noise is very loud and scary. When I finally tried it on one nail the smell was unbearable (burned nail). Misty and I are both traumatized.

I tried this years ago when it was on Seen On TV. Was excited to try this on my little chihuahua. The time came to try and do her nails. She would not let me get the nail near her at all! The noise was loud enough for her being scared of it. I tried to put it next to her foot with it off which was fine but as soon as I turned it on she jerked her foot away so fast. And when I tried to get her foot back she was whimpering. I gave up within a few minutes because the poor thing was scared. I examined it closer and I didn't like how it shaved down the nail. Plus I was also thinking what if her nail gets caught in the unit and this doesn't have an automatic shut off either. Didn't like it one bit.

My dog freaks out every time anyone tries to clip her nails. At the vet's office she needs to be sedated to do it, and I hear her yelping all the way out in the waiting area. This product is amazing. She doesn't mind it one bit, and lays quietly while I file her nails. It's definitely the way to go.

My dog was extremely paranoid about getting her nails clipped. It was a chore that left her terrified and me in tears. As a last stitch effort before I took her to a groomer I got this and she LOVED it! I was able to trim her nails and she would fall asleep while I did it.. I guess she felt like she was getting a little massage. Love this thing!