Parent's Choice Premium Infant Formula

Parent's Choice Premium Infant Formula

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LOVE this brand of formula! I have LOVED using the Parents Choice formula! I recieve WIC each month, and unfortunately it ONLY purchases powder Gerber formula. So halfway through each month I end up having to buy her formula out of pocket (NOT that I'm complaining, I'm thankful it's only half the month!) Buying Gerber out of pocket is insane in comparison with this brand! AND, not only is Gerber formula about 2x the price, 1 scoop of Gerber powder formula = 1.5 scoops of Parents Choice formula! This brand truly does care about value, and has been EXCELLENT for my little. I have zero issues with transitioning from the Gerber and beginning the Parents Choice each month. I have noticed, though, that she oftentimes gets gassy, spits up a little, or seems to have a slight belly ache whenever I begin to feed her the Gerber again each month (easily fixed by just mixing 1/2 of each formula in a couple bottles, and shes fine!) Theres a website you can go to and find a chart to determine which version of Parents Choice your baby will eat, based off of what brand and type you're currently using. It mixes easily enough, and has never given me a bit of trouble. Love it!

I was put on WIC and bottlefeeding only my baby at the time. To be honest WIC DOES NOT provide all of the formula needed every month so you have to end up buying at least 3/4 more cans. With me being on a budget buying the Parents Choice formula helped saved a lot of money. Your basically getting baby milk half the price and with the same exact ingredients and regular formula. They also have a formula for babies with sensitive stomachs. I highly recommend them.

I tried this formula with both of my boys and it was not great they threw up like crazy and cried a lot, as soon as i changed formula they where fine again

Really affordable and great quality. It doesn't really clump like a few other brands that I tried. My little one seems to enjoy it as well.

I bought this formula because i had a coupon. My son liked it and he didn't feel the difference between his old formul a. Easy to mix!

It's a great formula for when I can't get our regular formula. My 7 month old seems to like it and has no problems with. It's my go to for when I can't get his normal stuff!

just as good as the name brands but for less money,this is my go to brand

Great formula for mothers on a budget !

Cheaper and just as good as enfamil. Where gerber good start made my sweet newborn, spit up, Parents choice was smooth and gentle enough for her to keep down

I used the gentle from for my daughter. I personally loved this formula. My daughter also loved it. It didn't smell as bad as some of the other formulas I tried, it also was easy on my wallet.

Both my daughter's loved this formula and it is much cheaper than the big name brands. I did use Infamil for the first 4 months or so and when I gave them this formula they just drank it up without any issues.

Good formula. My son liked it. The packaging is not as convenient as other types so I switched.

Tried this with both my sons they have a lactose intolerance so I had to switch them but believe it or not in soy it's just like the name brands

tried with my newborn but didnt like it

My daughters used this product for all three of my grandsons it is just as good as the brand names, but less expensive.