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  • ashbrianda By  ashbrianda    

    Good product work well and leave my hair smooth smell nice but I wouldn't purchase this product again to .

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  • denisej23 By  denisej23    

    I was introduced to this shampoo while in Egypt when my travel shampoo ran out. My friend encouraged me to try it. I'm glad I did. It combats the dry heat that affects my hair where I live and it has helped to restore softness and shine. I feel like it even coats my split ends when I go too long between cuts. I'm sticking to this shampoo and conditioner. The one I use is Smooth Vitality

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  • jameslicex0 By  jameslicex0    

    The smell and idea are excellent, but I thought it left my hair kind of dry and brittle.

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  • Leisha By  Leisha    

    I absolutely love all Pantene products. I think they are one of the best shampoos! They always leave my hair smelling fresh and good and in great condition! I recommend this and all their products! I have used them for many years now.

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  • october31 By  october31    

    Love it, need I say more. Smells great, makes my hair shiny and silky, but still manageable. Reasonable price when on sale and you have a coupon!

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  • smiling_mama By  smiling_mama    

    I received a free full size sample of this product. I was a little skeptical at first I thought that it would be like every other shampoo on the market. Boy was I wrong. It was not weighed down with a heavy odor. It left my hair shiny and vibrant. Nice clean scent. I loved it!

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