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  • MyAngelEyez1966 By  MyAngelEyez1966    


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  • Sparkles9124 By  Sparkles9124    

    My husband works as a Chef so his clothes are usually messy with seasons and food colors, a friend recommend this oxy clean to mean and man it did those white clothes justice. Works well on colours too.

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  • Beautifuldisaster30 By  Beautifuldisaster30    

    I love this stuff it works great especially with messy kids

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  • Melanie_Christensen By  Melanie_Christensen    

    This stuff is amazing! Saved so many clothes I thought were ruined.

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  • ragaimuffin By  ragaimuffin    

    It really does get every stain out! I use it for my doggy laundry, and when my love worked in a steel mill. If it got those stains out, um yes wonderful product!.

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  • sofiaviolet By  sofiaviolet    

    I add a bit of OxiClean to every load of laundry. It helps keep things a little brighter, which is especially important when using an older, less awesome washing machine. When measuring, I fill the included scoop about one-third for my old top-loading washing machine.

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    It is the best working product. Laundry comes out clean and brighter,

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  • klees1994 By  klees1994    

    This product is great for removing stains. I used it recently for the first time and it made my clothes look good as new. I love this product!

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  • Samanthalmt By  Samanthalmt    

    I have been using OxiClean in every load of laundry I do for the last year. Laundry gets put on hold when we run out because I don't ever want to do even a single load without it. Tonight I spilled an entire glass of RED wine on our twist type TAN carpet!!! We just bought and completely renovated this house 6 months ago - brand new carpeting! My husband and I panicked. He ran for a wet towel and I ran to the OxiClean. I know I like it for my laundry but I absolutely did not expect the results I got when using it tonight. Within 3 minutes of using OxiClean and a semi-wet towel - we couldn't even tell anything had ever been spilled on it! The red wine was gone immediately! I am absolutely amazed at how great this product is. Never stop making this product and we will never stop buying it! Thank you soooo much for this product! I will be sharing this story with all my family and friends - I have never in my life been so happy with a product.

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  • Ricca81 By  Ricca81    

    Been using this product for a while now and I love how clean it gets the clothes.

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  • deefbi By  deefbi    

    Fabulous product. It works on everthing. Its our MAGIC to reviving clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ktheiss By  ktheiss    

    We use Oxi Clean all the time! It goes in most loads of laundry and our clothes are cleaner and brighter. Love it!

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  • asalinas02 By  asalinas02    

    It is a must have with my two very active boys. It amazes me as to how many different stains it can remove. I do not even attempt to wash a load without it.

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