Oxiclean Versatile Stain Reliever

Oxiclean Versatile Stain Reliever

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This stuff rocks! This is the ONE and ONLY stain remover our family uses! From removing grass stains on baseball pants, ketchup spills on shirts, and everything between--THIS stain reliever does it all. Once you spray the affected area, you can visibly see this product immediately getting to work. I normally let it set for a few minutes, then toss it in the clothing item with the rest of the laundry, and you're good to go!

Cleaner scent and appearance I started using this product this year to help brighten and sanitize my wash better. The dry grains seem to dissolve easily quickly in the water, no residue. It leaves the wash with a better scent and I think better appearance. I feel it adds a bit to sanitizing the wash also. I enjoy a cleaner scent not just a detergent type odor on taking the wash out for transfer to dryer.

Best cleaning product ! We use this on our clothes, fabric, and carpets when necessary. Oxy clean never fails to get the stain out!

Works wonders on stains LOVE this stuff! I use the powder and the spray for when I'm doing laundry and have tough stains to get out of my sons clothes! Its the only thing I have found that feel comfortable putting into my laundry knowing the stain is going to come out. I have actually gotten in the habit of using it in almost every single load of laundry I do now bc I love it so much.

Absolutely Love!! I love Oxi brands hands down. I use the versatile powder when I'm washing clothes or need to soak linens. I feel like my clothes are washed thoroughly when I use Oxi clean!! I also use their stain remover and carpet shampoo solution. It has such a fresh scent and the results are phenomenal. This is a must have!!

Very Good we love all the xleaning power this product gives up

I make homemade laundry soap but I add in oxiclean to my laundry soap and I get the lavander scent so it fights stains and smells great coming out of the dryer. I have four kids teen years and up their work uniforms go in the wash smelling and looking dingy and gross but come out smelling fresh and looking as good as new. I only wish I could buy larger buckets of it

Great all-purpose cleaner My first huge win with Oxi-Clean was many years ago when our boys stained our carpet with markers. I made a solution according to package directions and was amazed to see how effectively it lifted out the stain. I now use a scoop in every single laundry load because it helps to remove all kinds of stains.


My husband works as a Chef so his clothes are usually messy with seasons and food colors, a friend recommend this oxy clean to mean and man it did those white clothes justice. Works well on colours too.

I love this stuff it works great especially with messy kids

This stuff is amazing! Saved so many clothes I thought were ruined.

It really does get every stain out! I use it for my doggy laundry, and when my love worked in a steel mill. If it got those stains out, um yes wonderful product!.

I add a bit of OxiClean to every load of laundry. It helps keep things a little brighter, which is especially important when using an older, less awesome washing machine. When measuring, I fill the included scoop about one-third for my old top-loading washing machine.

It is the best working product. Laundry comes out clean and brighter,