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  • Makayla9 By  Makayla9    

    I got these for a snack to throw in my bag for on the go, and I must say I regret it. They are to sweet. You might as well get the original if you are looking for the taste.

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  • Mimimaro By  Mimimaro    

    There are a lot of great tasting snacks that are healthy for you in the market. This is not one of them. They are way too sugary. Also pretty expensive for how small of a package they come in. It's more like selling the brand than the product.

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  • court811 By  court811    

    I like these occasionally but they are VERY rich and it's hard for me to finish them

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  • mbk3202 By  mbk3202    

    Delicious, however, I'm trying to only eat non processed foods which is why I'm only giving this a 2 star rating.

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  • veronicajo By  veronicajo    

    yummy snack

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  • terryllacy By  terryllacy    

    I really like these!! I had to control myself not to eat more!

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  • victoriarn75 By  victoriarn75    

    Love them!

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    i love how these snacks lable themselves as 100 calories per pack, but in reality, its not 100 calories but more. these are factory produced and sealed, i doubt they have a machine to also count how much calories goes in the bag. this is the classic sucker punch to those who actually think they can make a difference in thier health by advertisement/lable.

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  • lucysperson By  lucysperson    

    They taste HORRIBLE! If i could give them a 0, I would.

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  • Kristilee By  Kristilee    

    nasty, expected alot more with the name oreo!

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  • Touchedpainter By  Touchedpainter    

    I didn't feel the amount was worth the price. Taste was good... I feel I was buying the gimic. I want cookies.... so I just opened another pack. The tease was not enough to satisfy me... sorry, I will be buying the real thing from now on...

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  • onlyonetoni By  onlyonetoni    

    These are "ok". I just wish there was more in there. It's almost a tease.

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  • msdecaf By  msdecaf    

    I did not like these at all, my daughter however really liked them. I do like the portion control aspect, but since the flavor wasn't too great, I wouldn't eat too many anyway.

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  • jessicady1 By  jessicady1    

    they are good but the goldens are my fav.

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  • twin_pat By  twin_pat    

    Small, but delicious. Good way to keep track of calories.

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