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  • Hanna2004 By  Hanna2004    

    I thought it will be easy to use, but not, and it gives a very thick layer ...

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  • GenaiS1990 By  GenaiS1990    

    Save your money honey

    I would definitely skip over this product on the store's shelf. It may look like simplicity but in fact it's a nightmare.

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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Works great and is easy to apply. Just saw another review stating it doesnt hold up...may I suggest using a gel top coat over any nail polish and invest in a light. You will save all that manicure money but it will look like you paid for one and it will last for at least 3 weeks.

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  • cormeretrix By  cormeretrix    

    Colors are nice, and the thought behind them is nice, but the polish tends to come out all at once or not at all, and once the bristles get hard from a previous application, it's hard to do another one. I think I'll be sticking with their traditional polishes.

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  • DeidreJo By  DeidreJo    

    This is a quick fix for a nail chip but takes no time at all for it to chip itself. If i am going to do a touch up, i will just use the same bottle i started with.

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  • Zoraiya By  Zoraiya    

    Innovative if you're nail junkie like my mom. I love the colors but I have yet to find a nail polish that stands up to my daily routines and this one was like any other walmart store brand. Would only recommend for kids and tweens.

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  • abpollard77 By  abpollard77    

    Great color selections and coverage overall, the only thing is... Don't leave the cap off with product still in the brush! It's impossible to make right again. Other than that, I would definitely recommend

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  • Angiesmom121407 By  Angiesmom121407    

    I am decently a nail polish junkie I buy every new color and brand I like this but you need to put about 3 coats on to look good

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  • pcaudill809 By  pcaudill809    

    Sadly, this product isn't my style. chips easily from all the thick layers!

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  • JuJu0791 By  JuJu0791    

    I am a nail polish junkie and typically buy all the newest manicure trends. I wasn't as pleased with these as I thought I would be. They work nice for a quick touch up or fast on the go coat of polish. However, I noticed it takes quiet a few applications to get the full color effect, and they dry up easy too!

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    Awful quality.

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  • savingsmania By  savingsmania     SheSpeaks Tester

    These are really the coolest invention ever. So easy to take when traveling, love them!

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  • mtidey By  mtidey    

    Glides on smooth and looks amazing. I am in love with this product. It is very light and portable as well.

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  • Jrahman0716 By  Jrahman0716    

    I think the concept of these pens are great! I love the colors, but unfortunately they were hard to use. I feel like there is not much to use and it was messy. The brush got very sticky, which made it even more difficult to use. I also found that the product didn't last long once it was applied. Great concept, but not a good product.

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  • Aubiesmom By  Aubiesmom    

    Very messy and the pens dry out quickly.

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