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  • Sharip By  Sharip    

    Did not like burning feel

    Neither my husband nor myself liked this one. Has a burning feeling and definitely don't get it in your eyes!

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  • Ladydarksky By  Ladydarksky    

    i have used countless products from neutrogena and this one and its twin the grapefruit one are horrible! the grapefruit sent smells like urine and this one made my skin bright red which just did the opposite of what it is supposed to do! not only did it make my skin red i broke out under my chin! What is going on i thought and ran to my bathroom thankfully i have face wipes and used half a pack on my face with cucumber slices to sooth my skin! It makes me sad too because Neutrogena is my go to emergency back up product when i run out of my face wash!

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  • OkieDokieMama87 By  OkieDokieMama87    

    This almost seemed to agitate my skin rather than help.

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  • humsale By  humsale    

    Nothing but a salicylic acid mixed in cream base with menthol and exfoliating granules. nothing new in-compare to whats out there. Creamy formulation with a few granules that provide menthol like cooling effect to skin. The product does a good job removing oil from the skin 'hence stress-control" but that works against the actual moisture barrier for oily skin. Too much oil removed= more oil appears 3 hours later. This product needs an element to it that locks moisture of the skin in for it to work well. Leaves my skin clean but nothing promising and the effect does not thought the day. The granules at the quantity that they are in the product are not sufficient for exfoliation. Less thick paste and more granules with moisturizing formula will be best.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    It does not work for me. I wish it was smaller granules because they're too big and do not clean deep

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  • saphy1230 By  saphy1230    

    Good, wish it was smaller granules though.

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  • jakki_edwards By  jakki_edwards    

    I'm in love with this product. It is great for acne prone skin. It makes your skin clear up, and feel great in the process as long as you use as directed.

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  • sunnydayys By  sunnydayys    

    I've had countless acne products that simply don't work for me, but this one does! The smell is fairly light, and it prevents my acne without drying out my skin too much.

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    I love this product as an everyday face cleanser. It really exfoliates my face leaving it soft and it smells wonderful!

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  • Lizzlebit By  Lizzlebit    

    I love, love, LOVE this product! Someone suggested this to me some time ago when I was really stressed out (writing a thesis--ick!) and my face looked like I had just hit puberty--at the age of 24. I went out and immediately bought it and within a week my face had shown a marked improvement and I soon went from 4 zits at a time, every day to one maybe two only when I was pms-ing. I recommend this for anyone struggling with those stress zits. oh and it DOES smell fabulous :)

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  • hollyann1010 By  hollyann1010    

    I have just finished my first bottle of this, it's not my favorite product but it does work! After I use it my skin feels refreshed and smooth.

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  • enme1986 By  enme1986    

    this just smell good and it works

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  • ajmorrison By  ajmorrison    

    This is the first acne product that really worked for me. It made my face so much clearer without drying my skin. I thought as I got older the acne problem would go away but it's just as bad as when I was young. Love this product!!!

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