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  • effi23 By  effi23    

    nice cleaning spray

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  • Sunflowercake By  Sunflowercake    

    cleans well!

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  • babygirl8082k By  babygirl8082k    

    This is a great Natural cleaning spray. I actually feel good to use this around the house around my 2 year old

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    Great product that offers great cleaning and no harsh chemical smells that so many products have.

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  • flcnblue By  flcnblue    

    I think this is an awesome product. It cleans well and the smell is not overpowering, We have pet birds and it is hard to find a product that I would feel safe using in the same room with them. I use the entire line.

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  • mvajrala By  mvajrala    

    Cleans well, smells pleasant and more importantly GREEN. I would highly recommend this line.

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  • heatherheck By  heatherheck    

    I LOVE this cleaner, I've only tried the All-Purpose Household Cleaner, but it worked so good that I can't wait to try the other products!

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  • cbonpc By  cbonpc    

    I love Nature's Source products I use them alot cleans and smells great too

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  • marylynn76 By  marylynn76    

    I agree with thebutlerdidit, it is great at degreasing but it also cleans any mess that you use it on. It doesn't leave a chemical scent behind either like others do. It leaves a clean scent behind.

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  • thebutlerdidit By  thebutlerdidit    

    I first found out about this cleaner through BzzAgent. They sent me 4 products in this line to try out at home. This included the Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner, and Window Cleaner. All of the products have a fresh, natural smell to them. I like them all, and will continue repurchasing them, but it's really the All-Purpose Cleaner that I am finding so useful in the kitchen. It works great as a degreaser for my stovetop. My Formula 409 never cleaned like this for me. And I really appreciate the fresh smell in my kitchen. I recommend this product to everyone!

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  • dstrinque By  dstrinque    

    I love this group of products. No chemicals, fresh clean scent without masking. Clear liquids, so no stains on anything. They clean as well as the Windex and Scrubbing Bubbles traditional products in my house. As I am always looking for a green alternative, I was very happy to find this one.

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  • DeeLan By  DeeLan    

    I received these products from Buzz Agent to try. I love them. I have asthma and a lot of the bleach based cleansers have me coughing for days. This is different. I can use them with no problem and they clean as well as the harsh chemical ones.

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  • ScottsSweetie09 By  ScottsSweetie09    

    I had acoupon for this and with a sale I had the chance to get it for .29 cents,nothing to lose right? It was the best thing I bought. It doesn't have the chemical smell, and cleans just as well as other products.Very nice product to have if you have children with allergies or asthma. I was pleasantly satisfied.

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  • sandybar311 By  sandybar311    

    I love S.C. Johnson products and had to try their new natural products. They smell great and do a great cleaning job, as I expected they would.

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  • luvaluvayou2 By  luvaluvayou2    

    I love this product I have been using the windex and toilet bowl cleaner for about 2 weeks and I love how they clean and I like the scent. I am hooked :)

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