Natures Path  Love Crunch Granola

Natures Path Love Crunch Granola

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Just OK I wish there was a stronger chocolate flavor- it's not bad but I prefer other brands.

One of My FAVORITE Granolas 5 stars! Nature's Path Love Crunch is my FAVORITE granola - it is so delicious and filling, and it makes for a great breakfast or snack. Pair it with plant-based yogurt/milk or fruit.

If you're looking for a flavorful, healthy granola look no further! I have a hard time keeping it in the cupboard to be quite honest, as my boyfriend is obsessed with it too. Whether you want to put it in your yogurt, eat as cereal with milk or just snack to snack on, this granola will not let you down. I'm also obsessed with the chocolate that they use in this granola as a matter of fact.

Whoever said you can?t eat healthy chocolate?! Absolutely delightful! Are you looking for that healthy yet deliciously sweet snack or addition to your yogurt? This granola is perfect! The amount of chocolate and berries was just right, not overwhelming nor was it lacking. I buy it in bulk at Cosco every other week!

I love this stuff! I often eat some sort of granola everyday for breakfast. As a college student I appreciate being able to put some Natures path in a sandwich bag or pour some rice milk over it in a bowl before going to class it. It's filling and about a cup keeps me satisfied for a few hours if I also eat it with a piece of fruit. I like that I would think to have this as a snack throughout the day. Its sweet enough to beat my sugar craving with no guilt. This granola is one that I always come back to, and that says something because I love trying new food! I only wish that they came out with a stuff version.

Love Nature?s Path! Love this brand! Love their granola! This one is so good with the chocolate chunks and just the right amount of strawberries! They also make a peanut butter granola which is great!

GET IT! My husband got this granola for me on his most recent grocery stop, and I have not put it down since trying it. I usually use granola for my parfaits; sprinkle a little in with some sliced fruit. After tasting this, though, I was blown away. The strawberry and dark chocolate is my favorite, even though the brand has many other yummy options. This is definitely worth the money and a must-have.

Loving Love Crunch! Chocolate, strawberries and granola - yes, please! We found Love Crunch at Costco and decided to give it a try. I prefer it with unsweetened almond milk. When I was pregnant I would have a bowl for a snack as quick fuel before exercising or grocery shopping. Now that my kids are a little older, they enjoy it too!

I am not usually a fan of the morning routine with cereals and such. But, as a mom to three young kids, I needed more than my daily cup of coffee. I found Nature's Path Love Crunch by accident and decided to give it a try. The intention was to top off some plain or vanilla yogurt with the granola. But this is perfect as a cold cereal substitute. It has this perfect balance of chocolate chunks and dried berries. I absolutely love this stuff, whether it's just in a bowl by itself with some milk, or as a topping for my yogurt. Just as the name implies, it is hard not to love this granola.