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  • anw2207 By  anw2207    

    I use to always eat these crackers as a child when I would get sick with my soup. I would also eat them when I wanted a snack with cheese or peanut butter.

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  • rll22160 By  rll22160    

    Great simple cracker

    I grab this cracker every time I go grocery shopping! They go great with everything.

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  • MsNVet By  MsNVet    

    My go to for soups salads and when not feeling so good. The saltines are always in the cabinet for any occasions. Fresh crunchy just enough salt or unsalted. Pairs with anything.

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  • TheJayRay01 By  TheJayRay01    

    These are great but ordinary crackers. They are a little saltier then their off brand competition.

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  • katiecourtney By  katiecourtney    

    so yummy, slightly salty, a little buttery, so great for she you're feeling sick. Taste great when paired with cheese!!! and yummy with butter on top!!

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  • Kate108 By  Kate108    

    We always have this brand of crackers in our house. My son loves to eat them. Great with soups, salads, or just as a snack.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    My favorite cracker to eat with anything! Soup, crabs, cheese, Vienna sausages-you name it and I can put it on a saltine cracker!

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  • Tiwh77 By  Tiwh77    

    I just feel like there is nothing like these crackers. They taste like childhood and comfort. They are perfect also when you are nauseous or just want some crackers and cheese. Super versatile

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  • Babyshy1 By  Babyshy1    

    Great snack. I've been eating this since I was a kid. A must for me during four of my pregnancies had to have it.

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  • CTCarra By  CTCarra    

    Can be used with so much ( chili, soups, with tuna) my favorite way to use them is topping them peanut butter and jelly for snack

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    goes awesomely with everything... soup, chili, peanut butter or just plain butter. used to eat these by the boxes when I had morning sickness, was the only thing I could keep down at times.

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  • reachout By  reachout    

    My home is seldom without a box of these on the shelf. Tried a store brand once and there was no comparison. Maybe because my mom always kept them on hand, they are a comfort food to me. Really like them with tuna fish salad on them. :-)

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  • MarciaB By  MarciaB    

    Great classic cracker. We use these most with peanut butter as a snack to eat at home or pack for outings. Many ways of eating these and using them with other foods. Try with chocolate spreads, great!

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  • bambilefleur By  bambilefleur    

    the perfect comfort food cracker. Its my go to with chili, soups, gumbo or even to make a quick cracker sandwich snack

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    Always keep on hand for upset stomache. Nice light snack too.

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