Nestle Mini Drumstick Cones

Nestle Mini Drumstick Cones

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These are the perfect size cones when I'm craving a cone but don't want to over indulge.

These come in handy at parties especially during the summer. The price is reasonable, the taste is just right (for kids), and the kids love them! It's a bit tricky to peel off the wrapper without getting too messy and some of it gets stuck on the ice cream cone.

They are delicious and they are a perfect size for when you are having a craving!!

theses drum ice cream i can remember growing up with theses they were good for desert cooling off on a hot day snack after school treats but are best anytime of the day

These are delicious, and they make a great after dinner treat

These are so yummy. They are mine and my kids favorite snack ice creams. I feel much better about giving this size to my kids. I wish more products gave smaller versions of their foods. Especially snack items. Portion sizes are getting too big now a days.

These are a great treat. Since they are mini you don't have to feel as guilty after eating one. They have the same great flavor as the regular size in a smaller package. These are a nice treat to give to my kids too. I think it is a much healthier serving size than the regular version

Great for a quick smack.

Perfect size for a perfect snack

Great to satisfy a craving when one dieting.

Love these. they are so good and also kid friendly. the smaller cone is easier for kids to hold on to

Love these mini size. Perfect for a snack and helps me not to blow my diet. Plus great for the little ones!

These are good, but I really like the regular sized ones better. These are good for kids though.

The mini size helps to keep from over eating. I like the cone cause its not brittle and the peanuts on top. There's just enough chocolate and the vanilla is good too

There is nothing better than a Nestlé's drumstick cone and these mini ones are the perfect size. I can't give it a perfect 5 though because I think they are very expensive.