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  • Sherylkelley7 By  Sherylkelley7    

    Best boss

    Everyone in the house will turn this on at least once a day. Even yup you don?t like it, it will grow on you

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  • leona1219 By  leona1219    

    Burn calories watching this

    HILARIOUS! Makes me feel like I?m back in my office

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  • TheFitGirl By  TheFitGirl    

    Highly recommend!

    This is one of my favorite shows! It is so funny and absolutely entertaining to watch. I will say that to really get into the show you will need to get through the first season as it can be a little boring and slow.

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  • chas2u By  chas2u    

    My Son Loves This Show

    My son?s absolute favorite show. He knows every line just about and loves all the characters.

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  • donnalee2001 By  donnalee2001    

    The Office

    One of my favorite shows, ever. Love Steve Carell. The interaction of the office personnel is often exaggerated, but hilarious.

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  • jenrenh By  jenrenh    

    Highly Recommended

    The greatest comedy series ever in my opinion. I watch The Office over and over and never get tired of it. It always makes me laugh.

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