NBC The Office

NBC The Office

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Highly Recommended The greatest comedy series ever in my opinion. I watch The Office over and over and never get tired of it. It always makes me laugh.

The Office One of my favorite shows, ever. Love Steve Carell. The interaction of the office personnel is often exaggerated, but hilarious.

My Son Loves This Show My son's absolute favorite show. He knows every line just about and loves all the characters.

Highly recommend! This is one of my favorite shows! It is so funny and absolutely entertaining to watch. I will say that to really get into the show you will need to get through the first season as it can be a little boring and slow.

Burn calories watching this HILARIOUS! Makes me feel like I'm back in my office

Best boss Everyone in the house will turn this on at least once a day. Even yup you don't like it, it will grow on you

Charming work place comedy Charming work place comedy with a cast that feels like real people. Hilarious writting will have you cracking up as well as sweet and touching moments that melt your heart. It's a great show to watch from start to finish.