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  • mayaml By  mayaml    

    I really like these duo lip gloss sets! They are really good quality and last fairly long (especially over lipstick). The colors are all very flattering and enjoyable to use. I like to use NARS when I want to feel luxurious. I would buy this again.

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  • laurenmazz By  laurenmazz    

    I'm obsessed with NARS lip gloss! It's the only one I've found where the color actually lasts, and it doesn't make my lips feel gross. I tend to stick with their neutrals, but all of their colors are nice, really. It's a little pricey, but I'd rather pay for quality!

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  • brejgeiselman80 By  brejgeiselman80    

    Love this lip gloss

    I have this in "Orgasm", it's a beautiful sheer warm peachy-pink color. The lip gloss goes on smoothly and it's not sticky at all. The non-stickiness is the best since your hair won't get stuck on your lips. The gloss stays on for a decent amount of time. It is well worth it's price.

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I love this lip gloss. Almost looks like lipstick but with a nice shine to it. I will warn you though - every time the tube gets about half way down, it starts leaking

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  • leximaxine By  leximaxine    

    AMAZING PRODUCT. This NARS lipgloss is not sticky & stays put! I have it in "Orgasm" & it is gorgeous. Beautiful selection.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Love their lip gloss.

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  • kungpaosmurf By  kungpaosmurf    

    I have this in Turkish Delight and it's one of my favorite glosses. It has a slightly plastic smell, but it dissipates quickly. I love the texture of this gloss, it is thin and moisturizing, not thick and goopy. It's a great option for a nice, natural sheen. Wonderful over lipstick.

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  • starfish79 By  starfish79    

    Great colors not stick - minus one star for the plasticy scent

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  • FREEFLY100 By  FREEFLY100    

    NARS did a fantastic job with this gloss. It's not sticky and the mouth feel is very smooth and gel-like. The color you see in the tube is very true to what it looks like on your lips, which is always nice.

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  • emimorgan By  emimorgan    

    Love this gloss by NARS. Great color and not too sticky - goes on easily!

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  • OLeatha70 By  OLeatha70    

    I love NARS. The color looked very nice on me.

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  • sweetep1 By  sweetep1    

    I use the NARS lip gloss alot and I love it! The color does stay on and I like that my lips do not feel dry or chapped like others

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  • tiptonmom By  tiptonmom    

    NARS lipgloss is wonderful. It is definitely on of my favorites. I am willing to drive the extra 30 minutes to get my NARS fix when needed!

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  • mysticalmalissa By  mysticalmalissa    

    I would love to someday try a NARS product, but the nearest place that would sell that is 50 miles from me. One of the draw backs of living in the sticks. LOL The color of this gloss is right up my ally too.

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  • chraseda By  chraseda    

    love lipgloss

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