My favorite gluten free foods

   By scentednights  Sep 29, 2011

When my daughter was diagnosed as gluten intolerant, I seriously thought I would never be able to cook or shop traditionally again.  I thought that none of the foods I had been cooking in the past would work on her new diet and all the gluten-free foods in the grocery store were so expensive and nothing like what I'd normally shopped for.

I spent several months trying to find foods that she would enjoy that were gluten free and failed miserably in most cases.  Baked goods just didn't taste the same when they were gluten free. The special boxed pasta mixes weren't family favorites and the snacks all tasted differently than we were used to.

I woke up one morning and really evaluated what I was doing.  I was spending so much time searching for specially marked gluten free foods that I had abandoned naturally gluten free foods in the regular part of the grocery store.

Pasta is always going to be a problem since it's made with wheat.  However, potatoes and rice are naturally gluten free. Instead of spaghetti, we decided to have Spanish rice.  Instead of pasta side dishes, we had mashed or baked potatoes. Not only are plain rice and regular potatoes gluten free, they are much cheaper than expensive boxed mixes.

Snacks didn't turn out to be as difficult as I thought they would be.  There is no need to search for special gluten free salty snacks when many tortilla chips and corn chips are gluten free naturally.  Lays plain potato chips are gluten free as well and always a favorite of ours.

Breakfast cereals that are gluten free are extremely expensive in the gluten free section of the store. However, if you wander through the regular part of the store, you'll find that Rice Chex and Corn Chex are gluten free as well and much lower priced.

While we still occasionally purchase gluten free products - especially the baked goods, we don't do it regularly and I'm glad that we can save money at the grocery store and still be able to purchase many of family favorites. Check out the manufacturer's websites for some of your favorite foods to see if they are gluten free before you assume they aren't. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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akohler by akohler | Bethany, MO
Oct 20, 2011

I know what you mean My son is gluten senstive and it really hard for us to cook and find food for him and then for us that we like I usley have to fixe two meals because we do not care for the gluten free foods ,but he cant have them and they are very expensive to buy them . So there are time we just would do with out the bread and things so that we did not have them in front of him and then he would wont them.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Sep 29, 2011

It is difficult and can get very expensive to avoid gluten/wheat/other related foods. You do have to read labels closely, even when boxes are labeled Gluten Free, I've often found they really aren't. Also many things aren't required to be posted on the label used in the processing of food. And cross contamination runs rampant at many grocery stores. I'm finding more are becoming aware of the issue and even the local gluten free support group has gone to the Food Bank to educate them. I use a lot of big lettuce leaves and organic celery to replace bread for sandwiches, burgers etc.