Mrs. Meyer's  Clean Day Laundry Detergent and Softener

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Laundry Detergent and Softener

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Best laundry detergent I love this all natural laundry soap from Mrs. Meyers. It makes my clothes soft without all the harsh chemicals. Couldn't ask for a better laundry detergent.

Lacks in potency I find it odd that this review covers both detergent and softener. I have only used the softener. It works well for softening, but as far as transferring the lovely fragrance onto the actual clothing, it lacks. In order for me to be able to use this and actually have my clothing smell like the softener, I soak a rag in it and toss it in the dryer with the load after washing. For the price, I would expect to have a stronger smell left on my clothes from it by using as recommended, but it just isn't potent enough. I would only recommend if you use the dryer trick.

This is the best natural detergent I have tried. The clothes come out clean and smelling nice.

This product smells good and I love how well this product works.

My favorite soap yet. I Love Mrs. Meyers products, love the ingredient list, the light refreshing but not overwhelming scent, and that it actually works. These are all mainly concentrates and can be diluted down, saving even more money.

Great brand, love the Gadenia brand, but my favorite is the lavender. Keep a fresh smell on your clothes.

I love this brand! I use the counter cleaner and it's the only one I trust on my counters. I didn't know there was a laundry line. So excited to try this. Only down fall is the price tag but so worth it!

really like this compared to other green products, only drawback can be the scents of the items at times, I dont like unscented much but also with some green products the combinations are not great for someone with a sensitive nose.

I prefer Dr. Bonner's over this. While its okay, its just too "perfumy" smelling for me and is a bit overwhelming. The Dr Bonner's is much more natural.

I love the way Mrs Meyers smells. I cleaned the bathroom this weekend and the tub and sink are sparkling. I am happy to be using a natural product with no offensive odors or chemicals

Wonderful line of products! I am partial to their Holiday Peppermint!

I just got this product last week, I found it at Target(one of my favorite places to shop) this has to be one of the best products for everything, from your laundry to your everyday household cleaning. it smells great and it cleans wonderfully.

Smell great-I love the lavender scent.

lavender is my favorite!

A bit pricey, but well worth it. A little goes a long way.