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  • Princessmyhand By  Princessmyhand    

    One of the best movies I've seen...

    I saw this movie on the big screen,no 3D....and wanted to see it again! This time in IMAX 3D....OMG!...The difference is breathtaking!... I felt like I was really there!...The down side of that is, every movie I see in 3D, I compare to this movie...and it just doesn't rate! Even if you've never seen it in 3D...this movie is AWESOME! The story line and characters are great!

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  • lilbluetreefrog By  lilbluetreefrog    

    I very much enjoyed the storyline even more than the special effects, which were awesome!

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  • Jennylac By  Jennylac    

    Beautiful and inspiring movie. Our land is just as beautiful as the Avatar land. We just need to take better care of it.

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  • mbd1962 By  mbd1962    

    Very good movie, great animation, loved it all

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  • Southernmotherky2 By  Southernmotherky2    

    This movie makes you think about how we treat cultures we don't understand. I love the imagination and the world that was created in the movie.

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  • Jessie_Sue By  Jessie_Sue    

    This is a great movie. I would recommend anyone watch it. My two children ages 6 and 7 like it as well. The graphics are beautiful. It's one of those movies I could watch over and over.

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  • HollyPritchettxoxo By  HollyPritchettxoxo    

    BEAUTIFUL creatures, scenes, everything. A MUST watch in 3D. Movie makes you feel like you are there and it has a wonderful plotline. I cannot wait till the second one

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  • BreLizzy By  BreLizzy    


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  • kymom13 By  kymom13    

    The graphics was amazing and understandably why this was one of the top cost movies! Amazing colors. Good movie!

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  • kristennh By  kristennh    

    This movie was alright. I don't typically like movies like this but I did like this one but it was a little too weird at some points

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  • Shurma By  Shurma    

    Great family movies to watch specially in blue ray. Stunning special effects and production quality !!

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  • KScheurell By  KScheurell    

    Great family movie. Stunning visual effects. Good moral to the story line. My entire family loved it!

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  • harbar12 By  harbar12    

    I thought that this was a great movie. I loved all the action and the animation in this movie. I would recommend this movie.

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  • sororityzgirl By  sororityzgirl    

    I love this movie! Very entertaining.

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    pretty cool movie with great graphics...reminded me a lot of what is happening to the world present and past...

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