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  • superdumb By  superdumb    

    My teen hates taking pills so she takes this when she gets a headache. We prefer the dye-free.

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  • TellAllAmy By  TellAllAmy    


    Works well and fast. We always have product in home and can always rely on it to lower fevers.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Fast fever reducer!

    This Motrin works very well for bringing fever down quickly. We use it every time our son is sick.

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  • Micahi88 By  Micahi88    


    This was a lifesaver for my baby's when they were not feeling great. It helped me out with a piece of mind too.the medicine was very fast acting as well and it also help them sleep so their bodies can heal.

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  • ExploreBeautyXO By  ExploreBeautyXO    

    Must have

    We always try to keep our medicine cabinet stocked with this to help when she gets a fever

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  • ashagner By  ashagner    


    Motrin is the best medicine for the whole family! Works well and fast!

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  • fairydancer35 By  fairydancer35    

    This is the only medicine you need for fevers. Works fast and is safe for your children.

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  • missinglynx By  missinglynx    

    Works quickly and is effective

    Motrin is really helpful for the whole family. We have used it with success and rely on it.

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  • Chamfofanah By  Chamfofanah    

    Works fast

    Works really fast and I like that it last longer than Tylenol .

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  • nahida1995 By  nahida1995    

    Works wonders

    Motrin is the go to when my kids have fevers. Really settles them down and there temp usually goes down in 30 minutes tops.

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  • mmells By  mmells    

    My go to for son

    Great more young children. I always alternate between this and tylenol for teething pain and colds

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  • Chantal By  Chantal    

    Great to have on hand

    This is a must have item to keep on hand in case the baby gets sick. Works great for fevers and my son even likes the flavor so I don?t have to worry about giving it to him

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  • Jelina808 By  Jelina808    

    Mortin the GO To for Fevers and Pain

    I Like Motrin! Its inexpensive and works effectively!! This is always a good product to have on hand at home! You never know when things can happen and there you have Mortin! My 4 year old son he is always a rebel and when he gets sick it's a change to see him down and out with a fever so this is my GO TO!

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  • Liongal80 By  Liongal80    

    Great project

    Great product that works well. If our little one has a fever, we alternate between Motrin and Tylenol and they both seem to help. Read the labels and go by what your doctors informs you is best for your child.

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  • Thom3674 By  Thom3674    

    The absolute best fever reducer for my granddaughter. This is our preferred go to medication because one dose works and we are not having to fight down spiking fevers between doses.

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