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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    very versatile

    I love this, you can make so many different meals with it. I live in a house full of males and they are meat and potatoes people so they don't care to even try it but I like it. I make nachos, tacos, lasagna, spaghetti, mixed in mac and cheese, and so much more. I like that it isn't greasy or fatty and it's easy to prepare

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  • etrac3y By  etrac3y    

    Best fake meat

    I use this for every ground beef recipe I make. It is so easy to use and works with any recipe. My favorite is to use them in my enchiladas.

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  • kboles By  kboles    

    This my go to when I need a meal quick. Spaghetti sauce, soup, chili, enchiladas, you name it. A substitute for ground beef that is at a good price point, healthy and fast.

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  • kratzy By  kratzy    

    love Morningstar products and this is no exception. It is a quick way to incorporate vegetarian contents into a meal and the flavor is so spot on that no one will notice it is not ground beef. This is not your tofy-type vegetarian meal starter, this will satisfy the meat eaters in your family and make you feel good about making chili that can be healthy and tasty.

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  • kngmckellar By  kngmckellar    

    Morningstar is a brand I like. Since I don't eat hamburger anymore these are great for chili, tacos, or anything you need it for. Had a great flavor to me!

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  • lfreas2 By  lfreas2    

    I keep this in my freezer all the time the taste and texture are good I like that I can throw some in the microwave and be having a taco salad in a matter of minutes and not have to be bothered with unthawing meat and cooking it and worring about is it cooked all the way through this is definently a necessary item in any home

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  • Pitterin By  Pitterin    

    Ease of preparation, high fiber and protein; really quick, and good for everyone!

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  • Yesak77 By  Yesak77    

    I personally did not care for these Morningstar Crumbles. I prefer my fake meat products to either have no flavor at all or to really bring their A game and simulate a meaty taste. These crumbles had an awful taste, I could only describe it as tasting like chemicals. The texture was very soft and mushy, which was not appetizing at all. I used these one time for sloppy joes, and I've never bought them again. The Smart Ground ground soy is a much better buy.

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  • Jenicsf By  Jenicsf    

    Great stable to have on hand for any meal. I havens e so many things with this from tacos to chili to pizza and egg scrambles. My boyfriend is a vegetarian, this is a great compromise for us - allows me to create meaty dishes!

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    I am an vegetarian and addicted to Morningstar Farms.The crumbles can be used in mexican dishes or pasta dishes. There is so many things even my meat eating friends are amazed how good it taste and i got some of them to buy it too and switch up there eating. And its so fast to prepare u ll be done in 123

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  • theshoelesswanderer By  theshoelesswanderer    

    An essential in our house! There are always bags in the freezer! These are so versatile you can use it as a substitute in any ground hamburger recipe. We've used them in pasta sauces, lasagna, chili, hamburger helper, sloppy joes, name it! Great flavor without the fat and grease of hamburger.

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  • crawfishkg By  crawfishkg    

    At least one bag of crumbles is always in my freezer. As a vegetarian within a carnivorous family, this makes it so easy for me to adapt meals to fit all of our needs. Now I get to actually eat sloppy Joes!

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  • mmaskaly By  mmaskaly    

    These make great tacos. Before I started eating gluten free, I would make use these in tacos several times a month.

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  • flnangl82 By  flnangl82    

    This is one of my absolute staples in my freezer. I am not a vegetarian, but really enjoy meatless meals and dislike most meats. I saw this in the freezer case one day while shopping and I knew I had to try it, and I am so glad that I did. The first time I used it I either made nachos or sloppy joes and no one noticed that is wasn't actually meat. My fiance and one of my sons LOVE meat and couldn't even tell it wasn't, and they raved about it. So after that moment I knew I had the green light to use this product without complaint. When I am in a pinch to get dinner ready quick and have nothing thawed this is perfect. You use it just like a ground beef or ground turkey, but it is already crumbled so you just get it hot enough in the frying pan and go from there. Perfect!

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