Moneyball Movie

Moneyball Movie

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Money! I'm interested in baseball and Brad Pitt, so I was eager to watch this. The storyline was dramatic and exciting. I felt like I got a behind-the-scenes look into the Oakland A's and their team-building endeavor.

I am a huge sports fan and love almost all movies that deal with sports as a main theme. This movie was very interesting to me because unlike any other sports movie it dealt with the math and science side of the sport. Most sports movies that you will watch will have a big speech that motivates the team to go out and make a run for the championship, but this film showed you the hard work and knowledge that is used to make logical and scientific decisions as to who to play at what position and in what scenario. I would certainly recommend this movie to my friends and family!

I'm not a fan of baseball, but this movie was great! It was very interesting to see how one man can make such a change and succeed

Not into baseball but this was a good movie and interesting on how the baseball job works behind the scenes.

Movie was intellectual and fun look into baseball, as well as drafting. Great for sports fans, and not so sports fans, though can be a little slow at times.

Great movie. I had heard some of the book when my husband was listening to it, and lets just say I lobbied for radio control very quickly. But the dialogue in the movie was fast, easier, and interesting. I am not a baseball person so I didn't follow all the statistical information with gusto, but the story was engaging, funny, and emotional.

I loved this movie, Jonah Hill was great in it. I generally like baseball movies, but this was more than just that. And I loved that it was a true story too!

Brad Pitt was good but I expected more from this movie based on reviews.

see you think its ganna be a bassball movie but then you watch it and its a NERD MOVIE!!! i likes nerds so thats cool, that brad pit trick people in to watching a movie about math :-D but it was a good movie for being about two thing i don't really care about, but i didn't bowl me over

Terrific movie, Brad Pitt was super , interesting to see how baseball drafting has changed.

Moneyball was surprisingly entertaining in more than one way. This movie took you behind the scenes but also inside the mind and life of a talented player who made a life choice, and ultimately spent the rest of his life debating his choice. Taking a chance and following his instincts he overcomes his downfall and although landing on top, he still reflects his life choices.

I expected more from the movie based on the reviews.

LOVED this movie!!!!

I really enjoyed the movie and the acting. Kept me entertained for the whole movie.

Even if you aren't a baseball fan this is a great movie. I love memoir and biographies so this was right up my alley. It was interesting and a good story. Not the typical baseball movie.