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Amy Schumer Takes It All Off For Annie Leibowitz, Including Any Airbrushing

on Dec 07, 2015: I think this is great that she is wanting to show the world that any size is beautiful, confidence is beautiful. I just believe that modesty is beautiful so I dont want to see this much of anyones skin! But I am happy that she is speaking out against body shaming and the ideals of "how a woman is …

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Celebs Depicted In Shocking Domestic Abuse Campaign, But Were They Asked To Participate?

on Dec 07, 2015: I believe that people should definitely be asked before their faces are plastered all over the media for causes and different campaigns.

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Disabled Community Voices Offense Over Kylie Jenner Wheelchair Photos

on Dec 07, 2015: It is definitely bad taste and I dont see what purpose they were trying for besides disrespectful