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  • orly88 By  orly88    

    Definitely one of the most high quality of the super premium foods. A great choice for a skinny dog like mine because the food is so bioavailable. The canned version comes in many interesting flavors. I use them when I'm out of town to make sure my dog eats!

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  • NJhousewife22 By  NJhousewife22    

    We feet this to our black lab puppy and he loves it. I like that you can easily switch between the various flavors of the dry foods without having to worry about digestive issues. The one main downside is the cost and availability. It isn't widely carried in my area and can be expensive if you don't go through an online service.

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  • aburgstede By  aburgstede    

    Merrick dog food is great. The only thing I don't care for is the amount of salt in it. I love the variety of flavors! Our dogs have always enjoyed the food. And the birthday club is a bonus too!

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  • gopinath By  gopinath    


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  • MrsCrys By  MrsCrys    

    Merrick recently changed their dry food and now include little bits that are supposedly vitamin supplements. Well, they must taste horrible because my otherwise non-picky dog refuses to eat it. I had to switch to Evo Innova which is also a quality food. I emailed Merrick about my problem and they have yet to email me back.

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  • thebutlerdidit By  thebutlerdidit    

    I purchased dry Merrick dog food and my dog refused to eat it. I thought it looked really cool, because you can see whole peas, carrot bits, etc. in the food. It's nice being able to identify and recognize what's in your pet's food. Maybe the freeze drying process takes the smell away, and maybe bathing the bits in warm water to get the aromas going would have helped, but I don't normally have to do that to get my dog interested in eating. When I purchased the dry food I received a "picnic basket" free, and inside that were about 6 cans of assorted Merrick dog food. She did love the canned food.

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  • cavgirl By  cavgirl    

    I have used Merrick off and on for the past five years. The first time I tried it was for my fragile rescue pup who was a finicky eater. Canned Puppy Plate(?) usually did the trick. It is like a stew and is very tempting for the dogs. Now I use mostly dry with my dogs - usually Grammy's Pot Pie or Turducken. Remember to register at and they will send you coupons regularly towards future purchases. Great company with excellent customer service!!

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  • Daniyello By  Daniyello    

    I was extremely impressed with the Merrick products I bought. One in particular was a can food that included a whole boneless chicken leg in it. My dogs love it!

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