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  • SheriABBL By  SheriABBL    

    We got this for our little one and it is just fantastic! The car seat is well worth the money, particularly because of the comfort for babies, as well as the security on the 5 point harness.

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  • Wavydream By  Wavydream    

    The best brand car seat

    I love this car seat I have two car seats but this one is more for comfort when going on long trips. A little on the heavy side but it will give you little one tons of comfort for long or short rides I highly recommend this car seat not only this specific one but the brand I had an infant car seat from maxi cosi as well and my son was totally comforted

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  • resmiley03 By  resmiley03    

    This car seat is worth the investment. We bought one for our son and we plan on buying one for our daughter. It is comfortable, easy to install, easy to adjust, easy to clean and overall it is safe!

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  • artx731 By  artx731    

    I Vote Yes!

    I have this seat in my car in the rear-facing position for my 1 year old. It is really nice and easy to install and converts easy for when child gets older. It is comfortable and it has great side impact protection. The only thing is that it does not well-suit a bigger baby because the head rest/support does not move up.

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  • courtneyhaueter By  courtneyhaueter    

    I really like this car seat. My child looks so safe which makes me very comfortable driving around. I definitely recommend this seat to everyone! It is really easy to clean too. The cost is a little high, but worth the money because it lasts for so long! ... especially rear facing. It is a little bit wide for my small Kia Forte, but.. not as bad as a lot of the others I have seen.

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  • Monca27 By  Monca27    

    I love this brand. I love the harnesses and the air bags. My daughter dosent complain when she's in it so it must be comfortable.

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  • jameslicex0 By  jameslicex0    

    I absolutely LOVE this car seat. With a 5 point harness and adjustable straps, my son can fit in this seat until hes 45 lbs! Being European tested (meaning tested in REAL crashes and not simulated crashes as US made car seats are), sealed the deal. This seat is costly ($200) but it was well worth the investment; easy to transfer between cars, LATCH system ready, as well as seat belt (which is easy, secure and SAFE)! The seat has 4 recline positions, can face front or backwards and has memory foam for comfort and safety!! I would NEVER buy another seat!

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