Living Unscripted Reality TV Talk with Kate Casey

Kate Casey

Living Unscripted & Reality TV Talk with Kate Casey

SS Member Image    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Jun 08, 2021

'Reality Life with Kate Casey' podcast host, author, and reality expert, Kate Casey, joins us to talk about reality tv, her career shift, as well as her perspective & advice on finding your own success.

Episode Highlights:

[2:05] How Kate got started podcasting & developed an interest in all things reality television
[4:08] Kate shares how her interest in reality tv was sparked by 'The Real World' [8:01] Kate talks about her upcoming projects and shares about the type of reality programming she'd most like to see created
[10:40] Her childhood and forging a new path for herself
[13:49] Perspective on the lack of support in our system for women & motherhood [18:40] How reality TV is a medium for telling our stories.
[27:52] Why people want to see more unfiltered reality and what is next for her career.

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