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  • maddogscuba21 By  maddogscuba21    

    This was one of my favorite shows of all time. I have watched most of the season on Netflix but I have recommended it to most of my friends and they love it just as much as I do. Not very often do you find a show that has mostly all female main characters and such strong characters at that. My love for the show stemmed around the bond that each of the women have with one another. Their friendship transcended anything that they all went through. There were ups and downs but they were all there to pick each other right back up. This show will remain one of my favorites of all time!

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  • cyndihall By  cyndihall    

    Army Wives is one of my favorite shows. The dynamics between the characters make the plot of the story one that you can't stop watching.

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  • rmaynard7 By  rmaynard7    

    This is an excellent show. I have been watching it from the beginning and it is very realistic. It pulls at your heartstrings too. I am always anxious for the next episode.

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  • steelkat By  steelkat    

    so realistic..... Love this show big time!!! I am a Navy wife and I thought they wouldnt be very accurate but they are in so many ways we struggle a bit more than they show but it is pretty on target..... Thank you for this show!!

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  • pmencin By  pmencin    

    My favorite show!

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  • Dimples2980 By  Dimples2980    

    one of my all-time favorite shows. watch one show & u fall in love with the characters & their stories

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  • upnew16 By  upnew16    

    I am a military daughter and wife. This show is good entertainment, but not realistic at all. Please do not assume that this is even close to real military life. That is like assuming Greys Antamony or ER is what it is like to be a doctor. Enjoy it as a soap opera drama and nothing more.

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  • fancygirl By  fancygirl    

    This is a show that, in my opinion, realistically portrays the good and the bad of military lives. I applaud the writers for creating deep characters dealing with real life situations, and for showing the consequences of peoples choices, unlike other "soap opera" shows that gloss over or glamorize infidelity, among others.

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