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Licensed To Drive Slower

Licensed To Drive Slower

  Is the “My Key” feature something you would consider for your teenaged driver?

Everyone remembers the excitement they felt the first time they were in the driver’s seat.  Most of you probably could not wait until you turned sixteen so you could start cruising around in your parents’ (or if you were lucky enough, your very own) car.  

Not much has changed since then.  Teenagers are still rushing out to their DMV’s the day they turn sixteen.  But, what will soon change is the amount of control a parent can keep without setting foot in their child’s car.  Starting next year the Ford Motor Co. will begin selling a tool called “My Key” to help parents limit their child’s speed while behind the wheel.

A number of the Ford 2010 models will have this standard feature called “My Key”, allowing parents to set a maximum speed capacity on the car to 80 miles per hour.  This will all be done through a computer chip inside the car key.  The key’s chip will also have a function that limits the volume on the sound system and continuously reminds the driver if he/she is not wearing their seatbelt. 

For many parents, this may be the second best thing to riding shotgun next to their son or daughter.  Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s director of electronic and electrical systems engineering explained the idea behind the latest feature for new drivers to the Associated Press.  Buczkowski said, “Our message to parents is, hey, we are providing you some conditions to give your new drivers that may allow you to feel a little more comfortable in giving them the car more often.”

 What do you think of the new technology Ford will introduce to limit a teen driver’s speed?


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  • jenrik06 By jenrik06

    I've got a while before my kids are old enough to drive but, I'm excited to hear this technology is being developed to help parents. I think it's still important to be actively involved in your child's life especially the older they get. Discussing a number of topics including safe driving, consequences of bad driving, and following through with your own boundaries it very important in guiding young people to responsible choices. But with this new technology and tools offered by other companies will hopefully produce a new generation of drivers who will be wiser and safer behind the wheel.

  • ilikemovies By ilikemovies

    Wow, great idea! I wish it would have been available when my kids were teenagers. I think this will catch on.

  • Cropperhopper By Cropperhopper

    It's a great idea, but why 80mgph? The highways are all 65 mgph. I want one for 65 mph.

  • tigereyes2001 By tigereyes2001

    I agree with pynoblem... why 80 mph? The highways around my town are 70 mph, but that's fast enough. A teen isn't experienced enough behind the wheel to be driving at 80 mph. Thankfully, my daughter is only 7, but it's encouraging to see that some companies (and hopefully more now that one has made that first step) are looking out for teen drivers. Hopefully by the time my daughter can drive, the age limit will be raised, or this "My Key" speed limit will be lowered.

  • Lusadi By Lusadi

    If the speed is truly at 80 mph, I think it's fairly useless. That speed is above most national speed limits and would do nothing to limit damage/fatalities should the driver crash. Additionally, it's yet another electronic component that could malfunction. I would be worried about having something go wrong and affect the drivers ability to control the vehicle, possibly causing an accident.

  • DeniseCa1 By DeniseCa1

    It is interesting but alot of teen accidents happen when they are speeding through slower areas. It still lets a teen do 80 in a 40 mile an hour zone.

  • nodeerhere By nodeerhere

    This is a great idea and definitely, it should be a lower speed. Kids on the road are so dangerous!!


    I think this is really nice, but have a probley with 80mph. The highest they need to go is 65mph on the interstate. I think you should be able to set it back to 50 or 55 when on back roads.

  • coreyhsmom By coreyhsmom

    i am wondering why they have it set at 80. that seems alittle fast i know around my house the free way speed is only 65. so why dont they set it to 70. but be sides that i think it is a great idea.

  • shari489 By shari489

    It says you can set it to a maximum of 80 mph, I wonder if that means you have the ability to set it lower. I love the idea of this technology but I do have one concern - what is the warranty on it? It seems to me that all these great new bits of technology they keep adding to cars never seem to be covered under warranty and then cost a small fortune to get repaired.

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