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  • darrington By  darrington    


    I use Duplo Bricks for my line of work. Kids of all ages love building with these bricks.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Lego bricks are so fun to play with and Lego Duplo makes it easier and safer for the younger kids to use them.

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  • Mrsebrust By  Mrsebrust    

    Great for Creative Thinkers

    As my kids have gotten older these have remained a staple in their toy box. The creations grow right along with them.

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  • MarcieinMommyland By  MarcieinMommyland    

    Stock up

    Just when I thought my 4yo was done with DUPLOs, he?s super into them again! My 1yo also enjoys playing with them. I?d suggest getting a lot because they are really only fun if you can build tall towers or large buildings.

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  • Jbrooke12 By  Jbrooke12    

    Great blocks for the littles

    Lego duplo blocks are great for little ones who love to build. All of my kids enjoy them but I love how they are easy to use for my 21 month old. They are safe and easy to hold onto.

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  • CheeseBear386 By  CheeseBear386    

    I gave some of the bigger blocks to my 12-month-old to play with while he was teething ... maybe not its intended use but he sure loved to chew on them! He's now able to start snapping the pieces together and it keeps his mind busy. Note: these cause just as much pain as regular-sized Legos when he leaves them all over the floor for his parents to step on.

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    The Lego Blocks are a great toy for building imagination. All the kids that come over to play end up playing with the Legos because they can build whatever they want. There are bright colors. The quality of the block never breaks. There are other additional pieces you can purchase to go with the blocks. They are reasonably priced and make great gifts for boys or girls.

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  • dreapress By  dreapress    

    My five year old and twenty month old sons love Lego Duplo blocks! They will sit for hours and build things. The blocks are very sturdy and hold up to some major play!

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  • altamontefamily By  altamontefamily    

    The Lego Duplos are bigger than the regular-sized legos and our son loves them! He received them as a gift on his first birthday and he continues to play and build things with them (along with his other building toys like Magna-Tiles and Zoobs). These duplos come in different themes to keep your child entertained.

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  • OkieDokieMama87 By  OkieDokieMama87    

    A simple must for every small child's developmental years!

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    My lil guy loves building walls, houses, monsters with his lego!

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  • elsmarlouamrman By  elsmarlouamrman    

    We gave Lego/Duplo products to our son for over ten years. He enjoyed creating and building many things both by himself, and with others. He is currently in school to be a physicist - I believe because he had such a strong start, using these literal building blocks, he became more curious about the world, and this led eventually to a very interesting choice of careers.

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