La Croix Sparkling Water

La Croix Sparkling Water

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Seltzer water is terrible These always taste terrible! Like metal- I don't even understand why people would buy them. Just as "refreshing " as day old water

Refreshing I love the great flavors and the refreshing taste. It always tastes great. It is a good price as well. There are many flavors to choose from.

Meh I personally do not enjoy La Croix. I don't like the taste. I would say it taste like battery acid. I don't understand the hype. :/

Not too sweet pick me up without caffeine Love this sparkling water in coconut and key lime. Refreshing and not too sweet. Perfect for when you are traveling or mid-day pick me up without the caffeine.

good quality We like this water as a change of pace from still water. Nice flavors.

Happy bubbles of deliciousness Always a treat when I have a La Croix. No matter the time of the year the refreshing and effervescent beverage takes me to a hot summer day at the lakes. I love bringing La Croix with me on long canoe tripes - and especially love the lemon flavor. But, I also love surprising myself with mystery flavors.

Great flavors I love this seltzer. La Croix offers many different flavors with my favorite being lemon.

Delicious An incredible drink! Love the flavors that this company puts out for the customers. I was very curious on with this would taste like when I first bought the brand. I'm not a big fan of sparkling water, but these drinks are so good and so addicting. I buy these all the time for special events: Birthday parties, family gatherings, and business meetings. I definitely recommend them to people who are really big into sparkling water.

Fizz for the win! I love carbonated drinks! When I decided to stop drinking soda I wanted to something to cure my fizz obsession but still taste good. LACROIX absolutely fits the bill. Highly recommend if you are looking for fizz without all the sugary taste.

Just Okay A bit pricey, but there are some flavors we enjoy, others not so much. Basically a hit or miss based on what you and your family would enjoy. So for me, it's just okay.

Worth the extra cost Most flavors are delicious! Will often see these in my home. Even my teen loves them! Bit pricey, though.

Amazing Sparkling Water La Croix is my absolute brand when it comes to sparkling water! Their flavors are bomb and it has just the right combination of carbonation and flavors. I have a sweet tooth so this does just the trick and allows for me to quench my thirst in this hot Austin heat!

Good Choice This is one of my favorites. They have so many flavors to choose from that I don't get tired of having the same ones over and over. Pampelmousse, coconut and limoncello are some of my favorites. They also come in twelve packs which I prefer to eight packs.

just okay Not bad but not the best bubbly water I have tried. To me its overrated. I honestly like some other brands better for the price.

Flavor is _very_ mild. These are healthy and refreshing. My main problem is that the flavors aren't very strong. If you go in expecting mildly flavored sparkling water, then you'll be fine. If you expect notable flavor, you might be disappointed.