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  • Lilmiss By  Lilmiss    

    Takes a while for your eyes to get used to, at first eyes water and sight is a bit cloudy but that lasts a few moments , other then that is Amazing :)

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  • Allysonwhobrey By  Allysonwhobrey    

    Looks great. Bold. Time consuming to apply. Difficult to get a consistent amount of the pigment when using provided. Great for those who like to turn heads and have the time to apply it properly.

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  • Pearlypearl By  Pearlypearl    

    Okay so i know this is eyeliner but i have used this as a Eyebrow liner and my God it worked soo great , straight line and honestly a little goes a long wayyy!

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  • mystienyght By  mystienyght    

    The formula is very pigmented- a little goes a LONG way! It is very velvety smooth, unlike what someone else said in their review. You cannot beat this liner. VERY long-lasting! I wore this to a party. The eyeliner lasted on the upper eyelid and lower waterline for the ENTIRE day lots of dancing and fast paced energy with LOTS of sweat! You can't beat that for this price!

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  • TheyCallMeTruther By  TheyCallMeTruther    

    I wish I could find something to complain about with this here eyeliner but I can't. The gel composition just makes application next to instinctive-- its sooo easy, I usually have it perfectly stroked in my first application. And! And! it lasts foreverrrrr. It's very hard to smudge, I find myself crying, laughing, swimming, washing my face, sweating, etc, and it's almost always still on-- perfectly. It also comes off quite cleanly. I know it looks weird and I was def not used to using this kind of eyeliner but it's definitely a nice change from the usual pencil and liquid methods. The only thing I regret? that brush. You're done for if you lose that brush. Without that magical brush, all you have is a tub of pigment. DON'T. LOSE. IT. Lol!

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  • Ppepper1990 By  Ppepper1990    

    Absolutely love this product! It goes on smooth and stays all day! I only give it a 4 star review because as a mom of a very active toddler if you get distracted and forget to out the lid on it dries out super fast. Also the brush is very small! Making it appealing to small kids to grab! And easy to lose!

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  • 6pennies By  6pennies    

    love this liner!!

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  • vanbrocklinenriquez By  vanbrocklinenriquez    

    I've used this eyeliner before although it was a little hard for me to get it down right I'm use to my regular eyeliner.

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  • erinmartin By  erinmartin    

    Very creamy and I've repurchased this! I'll give it a 5:)

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  • medicchick By  medicchick    

    This is my preferred eyeliner in the eggplant color. It isn't a bright purple, which is a big part of why I love it. It lasts all day and looks as good after 18 hours as when I just applied it. The brush is a bit stiff but that doesn't bother me as it lets me get a thin line for my lower lash line.

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  • amberlavine By  amberlavine    

    I love this eyeliner, but only use it when I want a super dramatic look and I only use it on my top lid.

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  • jtiffaney By  jtiffaney    

    i really like it but they really need a better brush

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  • ganabear By  ganabear    

    I really like this. I got it as a gift in the plum color and it's great. The only thing is the brush can be a little rough on my eyelids and it's hard to get a thin, precise line. It's okay for me because I use it for the evenings for a dramatic look and it looks fantastic. I definetly recommend.

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  • rivasmom By  rivasmom    

    I use this on all my clients...love it

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  • ylucas19 By  ylucas19    

    i love using cream eyeshadow becasue it is just so much more easier to put on and i have this one!!....

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