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  • drosenheck By  drosenheck    

    I like the Feria Hair Color a lot. The product is easy to use, the directions are clear and they have what you need to color your hair like a professional. I use this brand quite often, I have shoulder length hair that in naturally dark brown. I find that this color lasts and has a good pigmentation.

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  • corabishop By  corabishop    

    Not for greys

    I absolutely love the brilliance of the color when the dye is first applied. The dye however does keep grey hairs covered for more than a week even with minimal washings.

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  • Classysarah By  Classysarah    

    Metallic salts are very bad for your hair and can even cause the hair to melt if other chemicals are added in the future! I have seen this happen so many times:(

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  • ashbrianda By  ashbrianda    

    love it

    Love this hair color it last long and bring a great conditioner with it .

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  • daisymay2010 By  daisymay2010    

    After trying many different at-home hair colors, this brand is my favorite! I use soft black and just love it!

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  • momahen87 By  momahen87    

    I love this always gives great cover and love the conditioner included with it.

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  • testrite By  testrite    


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  • JosieJadore By  JosieJadore    

    I really love this brand! I love the fact that it's VIBRANT long lasting hair color! It has a strong formula, but it gives you a great change of color! If the color comes off too strong, I suggest washing your hair a few times after you color to tone down the color.

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  • hmcdermid By  hmcdermid    

    The color is definitely vibrant, but perhaps not as long lasting as others. I really had to stop using this product as it burned my scalp and made it crazy itchy for a week or longer after applying.

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  • Kvsang By  Kvsang    

    This is the only hair dye that I use. The color is just "WOW!" It doesn't fade quickly, and actually smells kind of good. However I miss the old conditioner that smelled like walnuts.

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  • LovesFlowers By  LovesFlowers    

    I used to use Feria and loved it also, but found that after daily washing most of it came out. It got to be very expensive for something that didn't even last me six months. I did love the texture of my hair after using Feria and I STILL love the color choices.

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  • LISA2699 By  LISA2699    

    When I used Feria it made my hair really dry, but the color was fanastic.

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