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  • Deebutter90 By  Deebutter90    

    Great with chicken

    I love using this to fry chicken. You just have to make sure your fire is low enough to burn the outside and flip it a few times after the first 15ish mins

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  • Doffhaus89 By  Doffhaus89    

    I one this! I used to buy this it's disappearing from stores! Bring this back to my stores!

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  • BettyBoop60 By  BettyBoop60    

    Very easy to use! I love it! Tastes great!

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  • Shazza210 By  Shazza210    

    This was so good on chicken but I honestly wouldn't buy it without coupons because you don't get much in a pack for the price you pay.

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  • netherstone By  netherstone    

    Makes a dinner come together and taste great!

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  • dora923 By  dora923    

    Love it! I even mix it with hamburger to make burgers.

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  • foxy82 By  foxy82    

    This was a good, easy meal prep. for pork chops mid-week.

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  • hgoncalves By  hgoncalves    

    Fresh Takes make supper really easy. My family especially likes the Southwest Three Cheese flavor. I can usually find them on sale for $2. I've used these with chicken but they also taste good on pork chops.

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  • Medderl By  Medderl    

    This is a really good product, I have bought it several times and everyone in the house likes it, it makes the chicken very crispy and delicious.

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  • Southerngenes By  Southerngenes    

    The flavor combination is good, but far too expensive for what you get. Save your money.

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  • Bambinaki By  Bambinaki    

    The idea is way too simple - bread crumbs, herbs and shredded cheese. The amount of the product you get for 3 and smth bucks id ridiculously small. The coating does not evenly cover the chicken bits, even if you dip them into bitten egg. While it was in the oven I expected to feel the smell of baked cheese and herbs - in vain. The taste is pretty bland and I won't recommend this product to anyone.

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  • Rafencat By  Rafencat    

    OMG! Amazing. I've made pork chops/chicken with this and each time it's incredible. Easy to use, intense flavor and a true family favorite!

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  • neastwoodm By  neastwoodm    

    These are so good! Very easy to make and I really like it on pork chops. The price was awesome. We will be adding these to our weekly grocery list regularly.

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  • Mandykin By  Mandykin    

    I had a coupon for this and my fiance was complaining about me cooking the same thing over and over so I thought I'd give this a try! I just love how simple it was to make! My fiance loved this! I on the other hand thought it was a bit spicy. So beware if you don't like spicy.

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    we tried the tex mex version and I love loved how easy this was. We toned down the spiceness with some sour cream and fruit salsa. This is so simple it is hard to pass up for a quick weeknight meal. Posted on my blog about this too.

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