Kraft Fresh Take Cheddar Jack and Bacon

Kraft Fresh Take Cheddar Jack and Bacon

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The idea is way too simple - bread crumbs, herbs and shredded cheese. The amount of the product you get for 3 and smth bucks id ridiculously small. The coating does not evenly cover the chicken bits, even if you dip them into bitten egg. While it was in the oven I expected to feel the smell of baked cheese and herbs - in vain. The taste is pretty bland and I won't recommend this product to anyone.

I had a coupon for this and my fiance was complaining about me cooking the same thing over and over so I thought I'd give this a try! I just love how simple it was to make! My fiance loved this! I on the other hand thought it was a bit spicy. So beware if you don't like spicy.

The flavor combination is good, but far too expensive for what you get. Save your money.

This was a good, easy meal prep. for pork chops mid-week.

we tried the tex mex version and I love loved how easy this was. We toned down the spiceness with some sour cream and fruit salsa. This is so simple it is hard to pass up for a quick weeknight meal. Posted on my blog about this too.

This is a really good product, I have bought it several times and everyone in the house likes it, it makes the chicken very crispy and delicious.

This was so good on chicken but I honestly wouldn't buy it without coupons because you don't get much in a pack for the price you pay.

I recently saw Kraft's new Fresh Take products while shopping. I decided to try the Cheddar Jack and Bacon one on some chicken tenders. It turned out great! It coated nicely and crisped up nicely after cooking. You don't even have to dirty a dish to coat your food because what the product comes in turns into a bigger bag for you to use for the coating step. I highly recommend this product as a shortcut to a great tasting entree!

These are so good! Very easy to make and I really like it on pork chops. The price was awesome. We will be adding these to our weekly grocery list regularly.

OMG! Amazing. I've made pork chops/chicken with this and each time it's incredible. Easy to use, intense flavor and a true family favorite!

Fresh Takes make supper really easy. My family especially likes the Southwest Three Cheese flavor. I can usually find them on sale for $2. I've used these with chicken but they also taste good on pork chops.

Love it! I even mix it with hamburger to make burgers.

Makes a dinner come together and taste great!

Very easy to use! I love it! Tastes great!

I one this! I used to buy this it's disappearing from stores! Bring this back to my stores!