Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage

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Yummy! Wow when it says sweet it means SWEET but very delicious when added to meals!! This is my go to when making pasta or even sausage and peppers yum! Really recommend it.

Sooooo good Great flavor and awesome baked, or grilled. Can't beat the delicious flavor and quality of this product and it's at a fair price. Reminds me of my Italian Grandma cooking every Sunday with the sauce on the stove and ready to put the baked sausage in th sauce before the pasta cooks. Great memories. Amazing smells and tastes.

Must have My family has been using this brand for years. It is definitely a star in my family's sausage and peppers. My family is italian American and my grandma always grabs this!! My family uses multiple types of Johnsville products. My husband likes the hot italian sausage as well as the beer brauts. I always have some sort of Johnsville product on my shopping list.

Trust an Italian I am Italian and let's make it clear, it is hard for me to find a proper sausage outside Italy but I gotta say that all Johnson Italian style are quite good! I adore the note of fennel seeds and when I make rag¨, I always add to the ground beef a couple of sausage peeled off the skin. Yummy!

Sweet sausage I have used this to make a one-pan sausage and veggies dinner, and I feel it added so much flavor. A little bit too sweet in my opinion, but that's just because I'm used to the regular salty sausage. The ingredients aren't the best, but it IS sausages we're talking about. You can't expect too much from them. This is great for every once in a while, but not as a daily protein, such as chicken. If you don't mind adding some sweetness to your dishes, then get this! It's also sold at a good price, considering that it's a brand name.

This product works wonders in my homemade spaghetti sauce. It's not too overpowering of flavor. Melds well with all the other ingredients. Although I haven't tried it on its own, like grilling it per-say.

I love it my kids like its great for outdoor, indoor grill delicious

As versitle as it is delicious! Johnson ville sweet Italian sausage is a very versatile product. I have made four of the recipes I have found on their site and on the package and they have become family favorites. We love the sausage skillet, meatballs, lasagna and pe0pers and sweet Italian rigatoni. There are so many uses for Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage that I keep a package frozen for fast family go to dinner.

Great when taken out of the casing, cooked, and added to a Quiche or breakfast burritos. Also, great when added to sauce to serve over pasta.

Soo good! I love Johnsonville sausage. They have the best Bratwurst and my family loves when I make it with dinner. It's great with just about any pasta, in a bun or fajita style. I will always have these in rotation at my house!

I love the "hot" Italian sausage, so I was eager to try a different kind. I was hoping that this sweet sausage would add to my pasta dish, but to me it was a little too sweet. I think it lacks a little bit of the kick that I would like to taste in it. They are not bad per se, but I would not buy them again.

Favorite Brand! Johnsonville sweet sausage is my go to sausage for making dinners like sausage and peppers. I buy these all the time to put in pastas, sauce, etc. The quality is so good!

Go Johnsonville!! These were so tasty!!! As always, Johnsonville never fails! They never let me down! Their products are always tasty, flavorful and easy to cook! If you haven't tried these yet be sure to do so! Very reasonable price also! Italian sausage at its best!!!

I love, love, love that these aren't greasy. We like them in spaghetti!

Sweet Johnsonville never lets me down. I just don't like the corn syrup. The ingredients are not the best, which is frustrating because the pork is high quality. I usually use a couple of these to cut the spice and tomato in my homemade pasta sauce.