Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage

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My family didn't care for this sausage. We found it too sweet and didn't care for it.

liked it just OK

We did NOT like the consistency of the sausage - it was TOO dense and didn't have the same mouth feel as other sausages that we have purchased at the supermarket. Also, my 9-year old daughter thought that it tasted "weird". It just didn't work in our pasta bake at all!!

We didn't care for this one much either. sorry just not our taste.

I love sausage.... but prefer to NOT consume any pork products.... Still waiting on a good sub for "natural pork casings" on most brands.

It is good.

Even though it is a yummy product, the links have corn syrup in it so that is why I gave it two stars. The bulk sweet Italian sausage uses sugar. I love to use that in my lasagna. It adds an unexpected flavor!

Delicious but I would not have them again due to the sodium nitrites.

I love the "hot" Italian sausage, so I was eager to try a different kind. I was hoping that this sweet sausage would add to my pasta dish, but to me it was a little too sweet. I think it lacks a little bit of the kick that I would like to taste in it. They are not bad per se, but I would not buy them again.

I htought this sausage and a nice taste but I did find it a bit fatty. I used this sausage in a meatball recipe and I think it shoudl stay as a sausage in future recipes.

Unfortunately I found the Italian sausage salty and it tasted more like breakfast sausage than sweet italian sausage.

I tried Sweet Italian Sausage with pretty good results. I used a recipe we make when we go camping, which is sliced sausages, zucchini, summer squash, and onions, and minced garlic, all sauteed in a skillet with olive oil. Surprisingly, the recipe on the package was very close to this. I don't like how fatty the sausages are, but they tasted fine. Next time I'm removing them from the casing and preparing them in something Italian.

Used the italian sausage in spaghetti, and didn't really like it, but to be fair, we are not used to fennel being such a strong part of the sausage.

We weren't as impressed with the Sweet sausage. My husband liked it better than my son & I did. Not sure what it was about it but just wasn't crazy about it.

I am neutral about this one although I like both hot or mild formed one. I have to say this one is better than other brand. Nevertheless, I prefer the hot one if there is any choice.