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  • amandaripsam By  amandaripsam    

    My favorite coffee creamer

    By far my favorite coffee creamer. It's perfect any time of the year. creamy and sweet but it is sugar free so I like it because I don't have to add in extra sugar sugar in my coffee. I stock up when it's on sale as it is a bit pricey to buy it for every day use.

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  • Lizzy33dona_picks By  Lizzy33dona_picks    

    It?s great for diabetics i was very impressed with this coffee creamer.

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  • dyan316 By  dyan316    

    Great product

    I love this product! International Delight International Delight Toasted Hazelnut Fat Free & Sugar Free Coffee Creamer has just the best flavor. Plus as a diabetic I love that it's sugar free.

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  • kaquatosh193 By  kaquatosh193    

    Get Hazelnut, it taste waayyyyyyy better.. Trust me.

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  • Skailmama0122 By  Skailmama0122    

    International Delight

    I love International Delight liquid coffee creamer already, but when I discovered this I was really excited because it is fat-free and sugar-free and taste delicious! I love hazelnut flavoring and now with this I can enjoy it more. I have already recommended this product to several people.

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  • disneymommy12 By  disneymommy12    

    My favorite is when they change to the Holidays or time a year. I love their Peppermint.

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  • waltersgrl08 By  waltersgrl08    

    Love my hazel nut creamer taste very light in creamy.Give it ahhh moment

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  • mawmaw3 By  mawmaw3    

    french vanilla in our house is a must either with coupons or #GotItFree#Delight

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  • Anastasiairina By  Anastasiairina    

    I'm a huge fan of international delight. they have such good flavors

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  • mmtinga By  mmtinga    

    I was not sure what to expect when I added International Delight Fat Free & Sugar Free Toasted Hazelnut Coffee Creamer to my cup of medium roast black coffee this morning. I am cautious about flavored creamers and picky about the ones I use in my morning kickstart. I was pleasantly surprised! The sweetness of the creamer was enough that I did not need to add additional sweetener. It also had a subtle toasted nutty goodness that complimented my coffee. I was amazed that the product was fat free. You could never tell by the rich creamy goodness. I am now excited to try the other five flavors! #GotItFree #IDelight

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