Infantino Comfort Rider Baby Carrier

Infantino Comfort Rider Baby Carrier

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Not the best Its nice to have but my 7 week old felt so heavy in it. I didn't like that his little face seemed so enclosed and it left marks on his legs from the bottom where his legs hung out.

Yes! Great carrier for a great price! Comfortable amd easy to put on and get off

Not the best Not my favorite carrier but it comes in handy. I don't know if i would recommend this specific carrier there's so much better on the market.

Amazing Carrier My son loved this as a baby. He would fall asleep and everything when i wore this. He used it up until he hit 25 pounds in which my body could not carry him that way any longer. Great item!

I absolutely love this carrier. We have 2 different brands and my baby before this one and so do I.

I loved rhis carrier when my son was younger. I didnt have a stroller by choice for his first year of life. I had no problems with this carrier and he loved it too. He never had a hard time breathing and he didnt hurt legs. The great thing was he was always right infront of me so if something was wrong I could quickly help him, but that hardly ever happened.

Good for small babies My son loved this when he was an infant. We used it when he was about 1 month old. He would tuck his knees in and sit in it. I would just keep my arm around him. When he was bigger he started dangling his legs. Now that he is bigger it is extremely hard to get him on and out of it. It also kills your shoulders and back! He is 7 months now but we stopped using it when he was about 5 months old.

When my son got to a certain weight this was perfect. Around 10 lbs... then it just became so uncomfortable. This thing will kill your back! Yes, it's inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. And back carrying is virtually impossible!

though i did not use this particular product, i did use a baby carrier. not for any length of time except while on a bus when i did not have a car. as with all child products... follow the precautions and momma instincts closely!!! i always made sure my son's head was turned to the side and supported his bottom with my hand/arm.... i never left him just "hanging". this is for when you are alone and have a diaper bag, stroller and baby using public transportation... would not recommend for every day use! it does hurt your back, hurt the child and if not used right, death can occur!!! just be careful!!!!!!

Puts your baby in a terrible position. Bad for hip development

If you'd like your child to get hip displacia and possibly suffocate at the same time,this carrier is great! Yes,not a funny matter at all,I know. The truth is that ANY carrier that dangles a child from their hips for a sustained amount of time is very bad for their little bodies. Also,any carrier that allows a child's chin to rest closely to their chest is easily capable of suffocation. Avoid Infantino carriers at all costs!

I just thought having this baby carrier was a waste of money and time...why complicate so much so simple and hurts your back...not working for me!

NO stars for this product. If you want a quality baby carrier please check out or find a local baby wearing group in your area. These can usually be found by asking around at your local cloth diaper store if you live in a big city. If you live in a small town, check online. Infantino was the brand of the infant slings that were recalled because they we not safe and babies died in their slings. It was not this style, but Infantino knew their product was not safe and waited until babies died to pull it from shelves. I avoid this brand just for that reason, but for this particular product, it is a crotch dangler and shouldn't be used! it can cause hip dysplasia and spine problems for babe. It's also very uncomfortable for the wearer. Babies should NOT dangle and should have a seated position to provide ultimate comfort for them. The exception should be small babies who are carried in a sling in the cradle position to nurse. Babies should also not be faced forward in a carrier and Infantino of course shows this as one way to carry baby. It is over stimulating for the baby and can throw off moms center of gravity. If you are interested in carrying your babe, and want them to see the world, try a high back carrying a wrap. Please, please,PLEASE do your research before buying one of these.

I totally loved this carrier i was able to actually make dinner for my family after having the baby he made it virtually impossible for me to get any thing done he had the worst case of colic I've ever seen and the only person he would let deal with him was when i bought this it was a life saver saved a lot of stress and allowed me to be able to do things for my other children..then when he was about 6 months we discovered the vacume settled down his colic (my house was extremely noisy for some time) ...i wasn't worried about his head or it being floppy or him flopping side to side it has adjusters on the side and a hood type thing that flipped up so he would be held still (I have huge babies so it helped he was a biggin)

Crotch dangler for baby and a backache for mom. Infantino has yet to design a great product. save yourself the money and buy something better.