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  • Chelesglam By  Chelesglam    

    Love it

    Honset company is my favorite, I love everything they sell and these dipars are so cute! They always have different patterns to them and they never leek .and great for sensitive baby's for sure!

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  • curiousgirl By  curiousgirl    

    Fun patterns, but abrasive and stiff

    The Honest diapers come in really cute and fun patterns, but the diapers feel stiff and abrasive for my baby's skin. We prefer the Kirkland signature diapers, which are made by one of the top diaper manufacturers.

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  • Lindsayjo845 By  Lindsayjo845    


    I love honest diapers, they are soft yet super absorbent. I love the designs too. They are natural and do not gie my children break outs, and they are cheaper than Hello Bello!

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  • Jast318 By  Jast318    

    Honestly the best

    I Honestly love these lol. They hold so much and keep my daughter dry. The only thing is I wish there was a color indicator to be able to tell. I love all the prints and how cute my baby is in them.

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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    

    Super Absorbent

    I always thought Honest Diapers would be expensive but they are actually quite affordable going to the right store. These diapers are very high quality I would have to say. My son pees so much at night he usually pees through the diaper but with Honest; The bed is never wet in the morning and he is still clean and rash-free. They are really absorbent and the texture feels durable. The designs are amazing as well. They really come out with different and cute designs.

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  • pandazoo By  pandazoo    

    Tried and true

    We tried other brands, but this is the one that holds in poop. We love that it?s made from non harmful materials and it?s gentle on our baby?s bottom.

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  • Vanessa123 By  Vanessa123    

    Cute but not great

    I love the designs on these diapers, but they were a bit stiff and they leaked more than pampers or huggies. I like that they?re chemical free but for me they were not worth the extra money.

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  • shumardizzle By  shumardizzle    

    The diapers were good, but they?re a little pricey for the amount you get

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  • Elyzabethanne11 By  Elyzabethanne11    

    Awesome product. Ships right to your door colorful cute prints.

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  • Annakay1810 By  Annakay1810    

    Great Diapers, but to expensive

    I LOVE Honest! My daughter was born early and had everything imaginable. She could only use Honest diapers and wipes. They need a better loyalty program. They give $20 off your very first box, then it is regular price. I spent a fortune!!!! Just to keep her covered and to Pooh in.

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  • GirlMomof3 By  GirlMomof3    

    Cute and affordable

    Absolutely love honest diapers they have the cutest prints and are great for babies! I also found the price to be reasonable!

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  • Butterflysgirl By  Butterflysgirl    

    Cute, but non functional

    The patterns are adorable, and I love how you can get them for different seasons. BUT, the diapers are very tiny. The size 1 in the Honest brand was the smaller than a newborn size for a different brand. This has caused a lot of problems around my daughters chunky thighs. As well, they do not hold poop in well. Baby had blow outs every time she would poop in one of these. But, it did hold all the pee, even overnight.

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    

    No thanks

    The designs are adorable on these diapers, but that doesn't make up for the lack of support for chunky babies and high prices.

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  • JherriChelle By  JherriChelle    

    First pick!

    Love these! I got mine off amazon and got the feather design. I love the cute design and how much they hold. My two month old is able to move around with the diaper and doesn?t harm his skin!

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  • mrsshaunana By  mrsshaunana    

    To be "Honest", they aren't great

    The diapers feel plastic-like and cheap, but most importantly they are not super absorbent and often leak. I originally went with them due to the cute design and the celebrity endorsements, but they did not live up to the hype. I also felt they were overpriced compared to other diapers that performed better.

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