Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner

Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner

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great scent! The scents of this line of hair care is what does it for me. Its fruity, its fresh and it screams clean! I find it to work as intended, it is moisturizing and leaves my hair clean and soft and smelling wonderful!

Works and smells great! This is my absolute favorite shampoo brand! It smells amazing and the one for color treated hair works amazing.

Herbal essences Smells amazing every time I use this product my husband can smell it as soon as he walks down the hallway! It doesn?t really change the way my hair looks or feels. But it?s great fragrance

Great smelling shampoo and conditioner Herbal essence hair products have great natural fragrances to them. Their products make my hair smooth and shiny. After using their conditioner my hair is tangle-free and soft. I absolutely love their shampoo and conditioner in coconut.

Love the shampoo. It's the only kind I use. The conditioner is a good conditioner however I found one that was a little better for my hair.

HELLO HYDRATION IS TH BEST!!!! Do you ever feel like your hair is dry and feels like if you bent your hair in half it would break?? Well that was how my hair felt before using this product. I got these products and they do wonders! my hair is so soft and sliky smooth, I am obsessed with touching my hair now.

I got these for a deal once and I have curly hair, so of course i bought the one specific for curly hair. Well turned out to be a deal I don't regret, it has become my shampoo of choice now. Not to mention the smell never goes away so my hair always smells so good.

Eh I don't really care for herbal essences in the color bottles like this. I like the other ones better. They suds wonderfully and smell good don't get me worng. I just feel like they really don't do much for the moisture part of my hair.

The Essence of Herbal! Do you remember those commercials of women crying in pleasure to the lather and rinse of Herbal Essences?! Yeah, it is pretty much like that in real life for me. The lather is thick and it reaches down to every micro-fiber in my hair. The scent is heavenly and the overall quality of my hair has never been the same since I was touched by this angel! ;D

The new formulas and scents are not for me I will be very honest, I do love all the smells of these shampoos and conditioners. They smell fantastic and they lather very well, but my hair never feels as clean it did when I used the Clarifying Shampoo for Normal to Oily hair. I loved the fresh clean smell, sometimes you don't want your hair to smell so sweet that you are scared that bees will chase you. My hair and scalp felt clean but not stripped dry. These new ones leave me with fragrant hair that feels heavy, greasy or not clean at all which results in a second washing with a different shampoo.

I love the shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair. It really helps tame the frizz that I've always had a problem with.

By far my favorite shampoo and conditioner great scent works great on dry frizzy hair like mine!! Love it!!

I like the herbal essence conditioners I don't use the shampoo. I like hello hydration conditioner and use it as a leave in conditioner on my thick African American hair. I also use it sometimes to conditioner wash my hair.

I've always enjoyed all of herbal essence products and the shampoos and conditioners rock! They leave my hair smelling great all day and don't strip my hair color which I love.

Smells great! It leaves my hair with knots in it so I make sure I use a salon brand conditioner if I'm using this shampoo.