H2O Steam Cleaner Mop

H2O Steam Cleaner Mop

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It leaves a lot of water on the floor after cleaning. The cleaning pad gets wet very quickly. I had a hard time getting the pads to stay on it while I was using it. It seemed like it was more of a hassle than anything else.

Cleans well

I love the h2o mop I bought mine from ebay a while back and i've compared it to the shark and the shark doesn't even compare the pad falls off. I love that I can wash and reuse pads on my h2o mop and that I don't have to use chemicals.

I absolutely love this product. Received it as a gift from my M I L and i can't stop usingit. It is so easy to use and cleans so well. I clean often, i like a clean house, who doesn't right. Well after using this on my floors, lineolum, hardwood etc, it made everythign shine and not just for ten minutes after i used it, for days, it all looks so clean and i love that i am not using any chemicals.....