Gud from Burt's Bees Body Lotion

Gud from Burt's Bees Body Lotion

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I will start with the negatives. I have VERY DRY and sensitive skin. People don't understand when I say dry I mean dry. I have severe eczema and I use all natural and organic products only. This lotion is more of a touch up lotion. It is not moisturizing at all for dry skin. It is a very light non greasy formula. Now for people who just want a good scent, by a good company with a light lotion this is good. It is always on promotion on Walgreens and the scent is Very strong and always lovely. Its the bath and body works for naturalistas! It is definitely my date lotion.

Has a nice orange scent. This lotion applies well and I like that it has natural ingredients in it.

This sure is nice and natural. Nice light scent too.

I use almost every item from the Burt's Bees Gud line. Every product smells amazing, plus there are barely any chemicals in them. It is also reasonably priced compared to other all natural brands.

Burts Bees lotions are incredible!! You can always count on them to what they say!! Try it soon!~!~

This is a great lotion. It smells wonderful and it is not greasy at all. It really leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft and with a lovely smell!

Really love these products! The vanilla is my personal favorite and I love that it's all natural. Great scent and much cheaper than most natural products

I have the vanilla scent... And mmm does it smell good! The scent lingers but isn't overbearing like most vanilla scents, come to think of it... This is more of a coconut/vanilla mix rather than the usual strong vanilla. I'm typically not a vanilla fan but this lotion is divine, I didn't give it 5 starts because it lacks real moisture so I would suggest using this lotion in lu of perfume or use a more moisturizing lotion and apply this lotion on top for the scent.

I really liked the lotion but not a huge fan of the Orange Petalooza scent. I loved the orange sent to it but not the flowery part. But the way the lotion felt and made my skin feel after wearing it was wonderful. I think I just need to try another scent. I only gave it 4 stars because of the scent but for every other part of it I would give it 5 stars.

I was skeptical about whether or not I would like the Orange fragrance (I received a sample), but when I tried it on, it smelled so nice on my skin! Plus, it absorbs really nicely without any greasy feeling. I really like Bath & Body Works' orange ginger lotion, but this Gud lotion actually smells better and applies better.

Gentle orange scent. Nice soft feel to skin and not greasy.

This product smells incredible and the scent is very long lasting. This one is a winner.

The vanilla sample just came today. It is not only a lasting scent for the whole day but I didn't need to use back up lotion in case I got dry during the day. Love this product!

The Orang smells great. It seems a little heavy to me, but lightened up after a couple minutes. It is very silky feeling. Not sure I'd race out and buy it, but it was pretty good lotion.

I tried this in the Orange Petalooza and it was wonderful. Blood orange fragrance that was silky smooth and absorbed into my skin quickly. It is gentle for all skin types. 6 ounce body butter is about $11.99 which is right in line or less expensive than B&BW or VS, two top faves. Pleasing scent and silky smooth texture is a winner for me.