Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller

Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller

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I have this stroller for my 5 month old twins and it is a godsend! Very easy to maneuver over bumps, in grass, snow, every where! The basket on the bottom is huge and can fit everything I could possibly need. The carseats clip in very easily and the canopies cover the babies well so if we get caught in the rain both babies are protected. It is bulky, yes, but that's to be expected of double strollers. Definitely would recommend to anyone with twins or two kids that are close in age.

I got this stroller to use with my newborn and 2 year old who NEEDS to sit in a stroller when we go out. My 2 yr old is ok sitting in the front, it has a cup holder and individual canopy, nothing different from a normal single stroller. The back seat reclines all the way down to accommodate a car seat for newborns. I fit my snugride 22 in perfectly. I like the cupholders for me as well as the storage compartments for my phone and keys. It folds up like the single and locks in place. I don't like the basket on this one though! This stroller has SO much space under the seats but it is SUCH a pain to pull down the basket to get to the stow-away...especially if I have the baby locked in (where you have to recline the seat all the way down and can't just throw stuff in the basket). When you fold and unfold the stroller, you have to undo the basket each time and the lock doesn't cooperate most of the time. I like that it's just a little bit longer than the single so it's not too hard to maneuver, but it's still pretty bulky.

I do like how this stroller looks but it does'nt handle or turn as easy as I would like. It has a cup holder and a pouch on the bottom to carry your diaper bag in .

This stroller is ok, by no means the best stroller I've used. Pros: Fits through most doorways and shopping aisles, lots of storage space. Cons: Difficult to turn with two toddlers (literally straining and hauling this!!), hard to access storage basket when seats are reclined, when front seat is reclined it limits the back child's space, child in the back cant see much. I much prefer the smaller side by side strollers like the jeep and peg perego ones.

i love this stroller for my twins. the only complaint i think i have is they are now 2 and whoever is in the back seat kicks the back of the front seat so they fight. it folds easy and is easy to manuver. i would definately remommend this to friends and family!

I have had 3 of these strollers over the past 4 years. They were all great strollers. I kept thinking I no longer needed the stroller but as soon as it was gone I wanted another one. Pros: easy to manuver, lots of storage, works with infant carriers, durable. Cons: bulky, heavy, hard to fold.

TO baibeegurl07: Yes it's expensive if you purchase the second carrier as i had too. Otherwise it is no more expensive than any other travel system.