Graco BeBe Sounds Prenatal Heart Listener

Graco BeBe Sounds Prenatal Heart Listener

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Their is a reason that fetus' show increased movement during ultrasounds and heartrate monitoring. They hate it! It has never been proven to safe to do either of these super frequently,so don't! Nothing that is not medical grade (thus usually expensive) is going to be accurate in this category.

We tried this and could never find the babys heartbeat, at seven months pregnant, I got frustrated and threw it away.

Tried it with both of my babies. Couldn't hear a thing.

I absolutely HATED this thing! I used it for two pregnancies and never heard a thing...and I knew where to put it as I was in nursing school and had three babies in three years and knew where to place it in my belly. I just ended up using my stethoscope. What a waste of money!!!

I could never even find MY OWN heart beat, let alone my baby's in either of my pregnancies. Thankfully this was given to me and I didn't waste the money!

I bought one of these to try out and I didn't like it. It never worked for us. I agree with the OP that you NEED to know what you are looking for. I would put my money toward something else for the baby that he/she can actually use and leave this product on the shelf!

I had one of these when I was pregnant and it was a complete waste of money. I never heard my baby. It would be a great idea if it worked but since it doesn't seem like they ever do it just scares you that something could be wrong. When you are pregnant you do not need that added stress.

One of my friends gave this to me when I was pregnant. My baby was extremely active while I was pregnant. I had to turn the volume up all the way to hear her heart beat, and once the volume was up everything was fuzzy! I would never recommend this to anyone. It's a waste of money. Just wait until your ultrasound :)

We had one also, did not work very well. We ended up just getting a doppler that they use in the OB office...a friend gave it to me! Great friend, by the way!

we got one and it never worked for us. we couldn't even get my heartbeat unless it was on top of my heart! not worth it, next time I would rather rent a real doppler from one of the online places for the duration of the pregnancy.

I bought one of these for my daughter when she was expecting her first baby and it worked great. Its only good beginning with the second trimester though and you really have to know where to look to find the heartrate. It might take an experienced user to know how to use it as there isnt much explanation in the manual. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish what is baby and what is moms heartbeating too. Its a fun product to use though.