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  • Kimberleedawn By  Kimberleedawn    

    I wish there were more intelligent or helpful articles in this magazine, or maybe some more psychological articles, such as: Positive Self Talk, How to argue persuasively, How to deal with the blahs, how to paint with watercolors, how are teenagers brains different from adults, what is reality TV doing to our population, etc...also, I'd like more creative ideas like ideas for easy crafts.....why does this magazine think that all adult women care about is how they look or how to lose weight? Is that not a bit demeaning and ...dare I say...sexist?

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  • SapphireStar By  SapphireStar    

    This magazine has been a staple in my house there are coupons, recipes, ideas for holidays parties you name it it is there.

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  • MardyL By  MardyL    

    I have enjoyed reading this magazine for years. It has wonderful.articles, and great product reveiws

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  • Louisa By  Louisa    

    What happened to this magazine? The content is so boring! I say most of us buy magazines for inspiration either for the home or to improve our daily life in someway...not this one anymore!

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Love reading these but I notice there are a lot of ads...

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  • chewri By  chewri    

    This magazine is o.k. but it has a lot of ads in it. I wouldn't bother getting a subscription for it.

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    Just ordered a subscription. Love the magazine. So many good tips and stories.

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  • mintmom By  mintmom    

    Love this magazine it has tons of information on topics that are relative in my life. I intend to kept my subscription even as I cut back on expenses. I bought a subscription for my Mom as a Christmas gift and she loves it. Great magazine with lots of content and at good value.

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  • oklahomagal By  oklahomagal    

    I cant wait to see whats in this magazine when it comes. I like it because it has a little of alot of things with helpful hints and money saving tips and good reading. I will continue to subscribe to this magazine.

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  • Dollykol By  Dollykol    

    I really love the recipes in Good Housekeeping....I have subscribed to it for years, and I intend to continue renewing it...

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