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  • artenzie By  artenzie    

    I love the idea of having the Primer in the paint, since it is such a time saver. I painted a bench and the paint stayed on well after a year, event hough the bench is exposed to the elements. Clean up is fast and easy and the paint odor is very little.

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  • Bobo99 By  Bobo99    

    I can't afford Benjamin Moore Aura any more so tried Duo and crossed my fingers...used eggshell finish. It's FÀNTASTIC and only 27 bucks a gallon. Glad I tried it. VERY happy with coverage, color and finish. Great thick paint. Doesn't stink up the hwole house but not totally odor free.

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  • ssmithny By  ssmithny    

    I usually stick with Benjamin Moore paint and pay a hefty price tag for it. Nothing else could compare in my opinion. I was desperate and decided to grab a can of Glidden because of the price tag. I love the way it covered my green wall. It was smooth and left no brush marks!! I didn't have to go over the wall with a 2nd coat. I was so impressed I decided to switch after years of using BM. That's saying alot.

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  • cardreader By  cardreader    

    Worth more than the price of $25 per gallon. .This paint gives a smooth rich coating, fills in small picture nail holes,and covered in one coat. Only a few spots on the walls needed a little touch up. The walls I painted were not in perfect condition.Wallpaper had been removed and some parts of the walls had plaster patches. After using this paint, my parlor walls look as if the wall board was original. I used a rag dipped in a small bucket of dawn dish soap and water to wipe off any drops of paint on wood chair rail. Clean up was fast and easy.

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