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Why Mothers Of One Are Steamed Over Elizabeth Banks' New Interview

on Jan 29, 2013: I don't find her comment as offensive but poorly stated and the comment was not complete. I think she was referring to the feeling," I can do this I did it before". A mother knows she is a mother at labor or as soon as that adopted baby is in her arms.. With one child, every adventure with the ba…

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Win Delicious and Healthy SunRype Fruit Snacks!!

on Jan 29, 2013: the strawberry fruit strip

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Repurpose, Recycle & Make Money from Unwanted Gifts

on Jan 22, 2013: I either return to a store selling the product taking a lesser value gift card. I also donate to the recycle /take shed at the town dump. This year is different two gifts were received as an attempt to hurt. Not sure how to handle this situation.. The offenders were siblings. It was ment to hurt.